Learner’s Submission: Online Public Services in Italy


“Over the past years, the Italian government implemented several new online public services such as Administration portals G2G (Government to Government) and G2B online portals (from Government to Business). Moreover, in the last couple of years, these telematic websites such as “OpenCoesione” and “CampoGiovani” have been used quite a lot by myself. However, the most important and yet the most popular online service in Italy that I have made use of is surely the “certified electronic mail” (in Italian Posta Elettronica Certificata).

The Posta Elettronica Certificata is an electronic mail by which a Public Administration delivers an online service allowing someone to bypass phishing emails and spam filters when sending emails messages to its subscribers, in return for paying a fee to the certifying service. The certified e‐mail (PEC from the Italian acronym of Posta Elettronica Certificata) it ensures the sender of the actual delivery of the message to the addressee and provides the same legal value of a letter sent by recorded delivery and receipt (in Italian raccomandata). For this reason, the person who decided to send an email can then be sure that his messages have reached their recipients without being blocked, or having links or images stripped out of them, by spam filters. The purpose of certified email is to allow Public Administrations to reliably reach the citizens by email, while giving recipients certainty that a certified message is legitimate and is not a forged spamming attempt. Thanks to the certified e‐mail system, the interaction between citizens, Public Administrations (PAs), Professionals and Companies is simplified because any user, from any online computer, can comfortably send letters and documents that previously could only be processed by Post Offices.

In the early 90s, the internet became very popular in Italy. Since 1997, the Italian laws have recognized electronic delivery systems as legally usable. Furthermore, in 2005, after two years of technical tests, the characteristics of an official electronic delivery service, named “certified electronic mail” (in Italian Posta Elettronica Certificata) were defined, giving the system legal standing. The design of the entire system was carried out by the National Center for Informatics in the Public Administration of Italy (DigitPA), followed by efforts for the implementation and testing of the service. The DigitPA has given the Italian National Research Council (CNR), and in particular the Institute of Information Science and Technologies at the CNR (ISTI), the task of running tests on providers of the service to guarantee the correct implementation and interoperability.

Nowadays, the Posta Elettronica Certificata allows citizens to obtain such a great advantage from it. For instance, the electronic management of communications and documents are therefore now certified and traceable, enjoying full legal validity, from your own computer this means that time and costs are now drastically reduced since your are not supposed to reach your Post Office physically. Furthermore, citizens will now have the advantage of having the option of a “read return receipt” that will not only confirm delivery but also the actual “reading” of the e‐mail from the addressee and finally each citizen will be able to communicate from their computers in a safe, non‐costly and exclusive form with the Public Administration, companies, and professionals in all cases where a communication with legal value is required.

To conclude, the Posta Elettronica Certificata has become a great success throughout the whole country. Recent data confirms that the Certified e‐mail development process is well on its way counting over 9.500 Certified e‐mail accounts have been activated by the Central and Local Public Administrations.” – Alessio Manes – Rome, Italy


Learner’s Submission: The “Certificate of Non-criminal Record”


“The certificate of non-criminal record is a sensitive document that indicates if its holder has not committed any offenses or crimes involving moral turpitude. Figures now indicate that there is an increasing demand for this document. There are many governmental and private, local and foreign entities that depend on this certificate as a prerequisite for employment screening, to issue driving licenses or visas, for educational matriculation as well as for other similar purposes. The increase in demand for this document has resulted in an increasing pressure on the courts. Figures show that Amman alone issues not less than 500 such certificates daily. By applying the electronic services system, the Ministry expects the citizens to sense direct improvements in terms of time, quality and cost.

I have used this e-government service to get the certificate to complete the requirements of employing, at the commence I goes to the portal of e-government services (www.jordan.gov.jo) through this portal the clients or employees or any resident have national number can use the service of issuing non-criminal certificate where this certificate is used widely in Jordan for variety reasons such employed, married, get a loan, …etc..

The Recipient of the service can access the system and register it and provide application electronically instead of visiting the public service office in court or telephoning the call center to make the request on his behalf. This section explains the role of the recipients of the service and the tasks that can be carried out directly through the system.

When I am going to register in this services I have provide my national number where the system automatically check my record from database of exists on Department of Civil Status and Passports after that I completed the registrations by filling the rest required information such username and password, After registration, system notified me to activate the Service by sending an email.

After login to the system, I have fill the application to get the service where the application will fill automatically after providing the national number then I specify the purpose of issuing the certificate, then I specify the language  of certificate that might be issue in two language for many purposes (Arabic, English), then I confirm my application, the system notifying me be sending an e-mail contain a reference number allowing me to follow my application, then the system transfer me to the payment portal to pay the required fees where anybody can pay the fees online through accredited bank card or by visiting the department to pay the fees physically , then I have wait the department   to send the certificate to closer court or security center to get the certificate where the period is vary from 3-7 days or less, I have go to the court in my city, issuing the reference number and my ID card to confirm my identity then I received the certificate.

It is a good service.

Thank You ” – Mohammad Rabah – Amman, Jordan

Learner’s Submission: Fiji Lands Information Services



1.         The Fiji e-government services mission is to provide cost effective, timely and reliable delivery of ICT solutions through innovative, practical and responsible solutions that drives improved organizational performance. Its e-government services online provides government services over the internet.


2.         The aim of this write up is to explain the online public services in Fiji which I made use of and how it works.


3.         The write up will be presented under the following sub-headings:

  • Fiji Lands Information Services online; and
  • Conclusion

Fiji Lands Information Services (FLIS)

4.         The online application for purchase of maps is available as part of the Fiji Government online services under the government Lands Information Services.

5.         Within the FLIS, people can obtained services for maps of any part of Fiji through the online orders where the following Product Type List is available:

  • Customized maps  – Where maps are created according to the customers specification using various categories of spatial information available at FLIS;
  • Map shop Counter Service – Special services offered by Lands Department at the customer service counter;
  • Published Maps – Published topographical and thermatics maps such as street maps at various scales; and
  • Software – Special Land Information Software

6.         As of the scope of this write up, I will be based only on the procedure of online orders for published maps which I have the experience of using the service.

7.         On the interface of published maps, options on maps types are available as per the following:

  • Topographical Maps with the scale of 1:50000 and 1:250000, showing both natural and artificial features with the help of conventional signs;
  • Street maps of urban areas; and
  • Thermatics maps showing selected theme.

8.         Since our requirements are the maps of Suva area and Nausori, selection of Sheet O28 and O29 was made and added to cart. The selection interface will also showed the number of maps in stock and the quantity required is indicated by us.

9.         The cost per copy is FJ$8.05 and the delivery method is to be selected with the option of counter collection or send via courier. The option of online payment through master card or counter cash payment is also available.

10.       In case of courier delivery, the details of address is to be indicated including email address details.

11.       Once all required information is filled the online form is then submitted. Order submission acknowledgement will be received with order ID for future inquiry of order status.

12.       In addition an e-mail will be sent over with all details of order submitted which also indicate the availability of the products to be uplifted.


13.       The Fiji E-Gov although still at its infant stages it has fulfill its mission which is to provide cost effective, timely and reliable delivery of ICT solutions through innovative, practical and responsible solutions that drives improved organizational performance.

14.       The Fiji e-government program is aiming of continuing improving its service to maintain the purpose of its existing as per the following:

  • Plan and deliver ICT services aligned with the strategic directions and needs of the Fiji E-Government Master Plan;
  • Provide all ICT services to the Fiji Government in a manner that enables ITC services to deliver its business outcomes; and
  • Add value to ITC Services by identifying new opportunities services, technologies and practices that will improve efficiency of the Fiji Government service delivery.” – Laisiasa Tagicakiverata – Suva, Fiji

Learner’s Submission: Online Public Service in India


“When someone asks me about have you ever made use of any online public service in your country?

My mind start calculating because there are many such kind of online services in my country India for example Online Railways, Banking, and Govt. Job portals and many more. But I specially mentioned these because I used these kinds of services in my daily life Whenever I have to buy anything online I use to pay by net banking also my journey can be planned at any time from any where I do not need to go to the Station to book my ticket or to get information about train time table, running stations. Last but not the least I can apply online for Govt. Jobs especially I had to mention SSC, IBPS.

Earlier I never planned to apply for govt. Jobs because of long queues for payment of examination fees at bank. Now Its been a pleasure to apply for these kind of jobs just go to the right website and then fill up the required information then upload your signature and picture especially within a minute I paid my examination fees instead of waiting at queue that feels me very good.

One more online service I want to include in my list that my Telephone and electricity bills payment. Can you just imagine old day’s bill payment queues oh! Thanks to online services which enables us to pay our online consumer bill with secure and effective ways. While I am thinking about electric bill payment only one area I am little disappointed our states electricity distribution yet not enable online payment specially who distribute electricity in ruler areas.

But with lots of leisure there a few work to do manually by standing in queue for paying my electricity bill.

Another online public service in the globe is Google Map which really helps visitors to roam across the globe without being afraid of losing their way. Just imagine earlier if we planned to go some different country or state we have to buy city directory or hire a personal guide but with the help of Google map not only out of station area even in our city we can go anywhere without any guide or city directory that feels good. I mentioned this global service in my blog because I live in India, the country which have many small towns and cities where different kinds of people live together few are good and few a bad so it is a pleasure for visitors to reached anywhere without being cheated by other.

Last but not the least online public service in India is Passport Seva, with the help of this service anyone can submit their application for new or re-issue of Passport from anywhere but there is one problem in India there are many people who cannot use internet so how can they apply for this. Therefore they reached to some agent and pay them huge money for their sin, not being aware of internet usage.

Any ways every service is not good for everyone and while we talk about online services following points come across our mind are being hacked, some fraudulence advertise, some spam mails etc. But because of these demerits we cannot deny the profit of internet/online services in our daily life.

I am a happy online user and wanted to be a part of this till my last breath with lots of new tricks, tips, websites, social networking sites etc.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Have a nice day!” – Md Tahir – West Bengal, India

Learner’s Submission: Online Public Services in India


“Public Service means any service provided by the specific government either directly or through any service provider, which includes, inter alia, the receipt of forms and applications, issue or grant of any license, permits, certification, sanction and approval and the receipt or payment of money by whether name called in a particular manner.

Electronic/Internet Service Delivery means the delivery of services through electronic mode including inter alia, the receipt of forms and applications, issue or grant of any license, permits, certification, sanction and approval and the receipt or payment of money.

The government of India provided several public services to Citizens, Business Community and also to the government body. India is developing its infrastructure for e-governance in several departments of Central Government as well as State Government by providing online services. Few of them, Services which I used are as follows:

  • Indian Railways Online Services: Indian Railways is the most important public transport department. Which provide many online service among them I always used online reservation service. Indian railway provides their services mainly through 2 websites, http//:www.indianrail.gov.in/ and http//:www.irctc.co.in/. Through these websites we can get information’s about Trains between Stations, PNR Status, Seat Availability, and Fare Inquiry by using internet.

http//:www.indianrail.gov.in/ is mainly provides information’s to make a travel plan. It proved beneficial to common public.

Before the introduction of these websites online services, getting information’s was very difficult for public, public have to wait for long hours to get information’s from limited information centers. And today, it can be done by few mouse clicks.


Online Reservation can be done by http//:www.irctc.co.in/. Services offered in the websites are booking of E-Ticket/Season Ticket/ I-Ticket; and Cancelling E-Ticket/I-Ticket, Compatible browser, and Tatkal Reservation can be done through it. It is very helpful; we can book ticket from home, internet café, and mobile SMS through Register with http//:www.irctc.co.in and paid money online by using credit card, debit card or net banking and new innovation of services by Indian Railway is SMS service for taking the Reservation. Before the introduction of these services, Booking or Cancellation of Ticket was very difficult. People were compelled to stand in lines at reservation counter for several hours. Lack of information used to make situations worst. And nowadays these services are very productive and are proved very effective and helpful to common people.

  •  Right to Information (RTI):

The Government of India, has Passed a Act in Parliament for Government department, any common people can ask information under Right to Information Act. Through online http//:www.rtionline.gov.in/.  It is really a great step towards Right to Information for a common people. This service, I always used for taking the information’s.

  •  Income Tax Return e-Filling:

Today Income Tax Return can be filled online by using http//:incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/. This facility is really beneficial for citizen who wants to file their income tax return; this website gives opportunity to fill income tax return from any where you are you can use it.

  • Passport Seva: 

http//:passportindia.gov.in/ through this passport seva portal we can apply online application for Passport. Ministry of External Affairs is trying to make passport application process is easier for common citizens of India. However there are many things should be workout to make this process perfectly online.” – Mukesh Kumar – Jharkhand, India

Learner’s Submission: Online Public Services in India


“I have used several public services in India, online. India is developing its infrastructure for e- governance. Several departments of both Central Government as well as the state governments are providing online services to the Citizen as well as to the business community.  Some of those services I used are:

1)      Online Services of Indian Railways: Indian Railways is the most important public transport department. Their online services are commonly used by me.  They are providing those mainly services through 2 websites, http://www.indianrail.gov.in/ and https://irctc.co.in/.

Through those websites we can get information regarding PNR Status, Train between Stations, Seat Availability, Fare Enquiry and we can do Internet Reservation.  www.indianrail.gov.in mainly provides information that is essential in planning the travail. It proved very beneficial for common people. When those services were not introduced, getting information’s were very difficult, we may have to wait for hours in those limited information centers. Today, it can be done by few mouse clicks.

Online Reservations can be done by https://irctc.co.in/. Booking E-Ticket, Booking Season Ticket, Booking I-Ticket, Canceling E-Ticket, Canceling I-Ticket, Compatible Browser, and Tatkal Booking can be done through it. It is very helpful. We can book ticket from home through online by using credit card, debit card or net banking. Previous day’s book ticket or Canceling was very difficult job. We had to stand in lines at reservation counters for hours. Shortage of information used to made situations worst. This service proved very effective and helpful for common people.

2)      MCA21: It is another online public service generally used by me. It the online service provided by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It is providing various services to incorporated entities. A company can be registered and their statuary requirements can be managed by it. Those processes are almost paperless. Digital signatures provided by some authorized agencies are important for such purposes, i.e. efiling. It is reducing unnecessary harassment due to travel, waiting, miscommunications. The facilities can be avail through the website http://www.mca.gov.in/MCA21/. Some important services are : Track Transaction Status, Companies/LLPs in which a person is/was a director/Designated Partner, Request for document of a company that is not available in the electronic repository, Transfer Deed, View Public Documents, Get Certified Copies, Track Complaint Status, Track Payments Status, Find CIN/GLN/LLPIN, Enquire Fee, Prescrutiny, Resubmission, Find Name Approval Reference Number, Enquire DIN Approval Status, View Index Of Charges, View Company/LLP Master Data, Apply For Company Name Renewal, Link Neft Payment, Check Company or LLP Name, Verify Payment, Migrated LLP Partner Details, View form11 screen srn details, View form3 screen srn details, Pay Fees, etc. Ministry of Corporate Affairs is converting their services almost absolute online.

3)      Income tax: Today Income tax can be filed online through https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/. It is very beneficial.

4)      RTI: Today we can ask to any department for any information’s under Right to Information Act online through http://www.rtionline.gov.in/. It is great step for realization of right to information. It is commonly used by me.

5)      Passport Seva: Through Passport seva portal i.e. www.passportindia.gov.in, Ministry of External Affairs is trying to passport application process easier for common citizen. However there are many things is needed to be done to make that process perfectly online.

Ministry of Home affairs of Central government and State Governments, judiciary is required to upgrade them and make their services online so that they will become seal accessible to the common people.” – Rupak Ghosh – West Bengal, India

Learner’s Submission: Indian Railway System


“I have been using the online Railway Booking system frequently as I was used to do weekly up-down for long distance. The system is beneficial as it helps to save lot of time for booking and reservation process. We can feel the convenience at the finger tips. The first view of Indian Railway system (Login Page) is as in below image:


This is the login view, post entering the username and password it redirects user to the trip page. Now this page has huge amount of data. This page allows user to access railway ticket booking, air ticket booking, hotel bookings, tourist train information, cabs and customized tour packages from IRCTC. The system is very well developed but lacks at load sharing. That is only the aspect of this application needs to be improve. Locations are being suggested by entering only first four letters of location. Booking availability is being shown for 7 days. All the options for booking say for different class of coach are being shown at the same place along with their availability.

The advantage of this application is as soon as you are done with your booking it immediately send a confirmation message and e-ticket to the registered mobile number and email address. This messages and e-tickets are being considered in absence of hard copy of ticket. This helps India in “Go GREEN” Concept. The another advantage of this application is that it has helped national and state government cut down the corruption, rising in ticket booking system. Just because of this system every single Indian citizen is turning less worried for their tour planning. Their time is saved using this application.

Another Advantage this application has provided so far and will keep on providing is tour package booking, the statistics says this facility is mostly used by the foreign nationals who are on their India tour. They use this system to understand and explore India. What everyone requires is a perfect guidance to move around in India and this online service is the best option for the same. The other way around, pain area while travelling are the cabs and Hotel booking. Any layman can book the best services from this. The information along with their rates, services of class, packages if provided are made available on this. Every small item has been capitalized very well.

Every booked item can be seen anytime in booking history. Printouts can also be taken. Reference can also be given. One more advantage of this application can be said is that anyone can file their TDR from this as well.

Loyalty program on this website inspires users for the maximum utilization of this system, the benefits of this program also helps to save some amount of money also the gifting system attracts the new users.

Nevertheless the load on this application has been tremendous, which leads to dissatisfaction of users. Many times complaints and issues are logged, improvements are seen but it needs more changes in the same. Hopefully government is taking initiatives and more can be expected. ” – Harshal Purohit –  Gujarat, India

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