Learner’s Submission: The “Certificate of Non-criminal Record”

“The certificate of non-criminal record is a sensitive document that indicates if its holder has not committed any offenses or crimes involving moral turpitude. Figures now indicate that there is an increasing demand for this document. There are many governmental and private, local and foreign entities that depend on this certificate as a prerequisite for employment screening, to issue driving licenses or visas, for educational matriculation as well as for other similar purposes. The increase in demand for this document has resulted in an increasing pressure on the courts. Figures show that Amman alone issues not less than 500 such certificates daily. By applying the electronic services system, the Ministry expects the citizens to sense direct improvements in terms of time, quality and cost.

I have used this e-government service to get the certificate to complete the requirements of employing, at the commence I goes to the portal of e-government services (www.jordan.gov.jo) through this portal the clients or employees or any resident have national number can use the service of issuing non-criminal certificate where this certificate is used widely in Jordan for variety reasons such employed, married, get a loan, …etc..

The Recipient of the service can access the system and register it and provide application electronically instead of visiting the public service office in court or telephoning the call center to make the request on his behalf. This section explains the role of the recipients of the service and the tasks that can be carried out directly through the system.

When I am going to register in this services I have provide my national number where the system automatically check my record from database of exists on Department of Civil Status and Passports after that I completed the registrations by filling the rest required information such username and password, After registration, system notified me to activate the Service by sending an email.

After login to the system, I have fill the application to get the service where the application will fill automatically after providing the national number then I specify the purpose of issuing the certificate, then I specify the language  of certificate that might be issue in two language for many purposes (Arabic, English), then I confirm my application, the system notifying me be sending an e-mail contain a reference number allowing me to follow my application, then the system transfer me to the payment portal to pay the required fees where anybody can pay the fees online through accredited bank card or by visiting the department to pay the fees physically , then I have wait the department   to send the certificate to closer court or security center to get the certificate where the period is vary from 3-7 days or less, I have go to the court in my city, issuing the reference number and my ID card to confirm my identity then I received the certificate.

It is a good service.

Thank You ” – Mohammad Rabah – Amman, Jordan

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