Learner’s Submission: Fiji Lands Information Services


1.         The Fiji e-government services mission is to provide cost effective, timely and reliable delivery of ICT solutions through innovative, practical and responsible solutions that drives improved organizational performance. Its e-government services online provides government services over the internet.


2.         The aim of this write up is to explain the online public services in Fiji which I made use of and how it works.


3.         The write up will be presented under the following sub-headings:

  • Fiji Lands Information Services online; and
  • Conclusion

Fiji Lands Information Services (FLIS)

4.         The online application for purchase of maps is available as part of the Fiji Government online services under the government Lands Information Services.

5.         Within the FLIS, people can obtained services for maps of any part of Fiji through the online orders where the following Product Type List is available:

  • Customized maps  – Where maps are created according to the customers specification using various categories of spatial information available at FLIS;
  • Map shop Counter Service – Special services offered by Lands Department at the customer service counter;
  • Published Maps – Published topographical and thermatics maps such as street maps at various scales; and
  • Software – Special Land Information Software

6.         As of the scope of this write up, I will be based only on the procedure of online orders for published maps which I have the experience of using the service.

7.         On the interface of published maps, options on maps types are available as per the following:

  • Topographical Maps with the scale of 1:50000 and 1:250000, showing both natural and artificial features with the help of conventional signs;
  • Street maps of urban areas; and
  • Thermatics maps showing selected theme.

8.         Since our requirements are the maps of Suva area and Nausori, selection of Sheet O28 and O29 was made and added to cart. The selection interface will also showed the number of maps in stock and the quantity required is indicated by us.

9.         The cost per copy is FJ$8.05 and the delivery method is to be selected with the option of counter collection or send via courier. The option of online payment through master card or counter cash payment is also available.

10.       In case of courier delivery, the details of address is to be indicated including email address details.

11.       Once all required information is filled the online form is then submitted. Order submission acknowledgement will be received with order ID for future inquiry of order status.

12.       In addition an e-mail will be sent over with all details of order submitted which also indicate the availability of the products to be uplifted.


13.       The Fiji E-Gov although still at its infant stages it has fulfill its mission which is to provide cost effective, timely and reliable delivery of ICT solutions through innovative, practical and responsible solutions that drives improved organizational performance.

14.       The Fiji e-government program is aiming of continuing improving its service to maintain the purpose of its existing as per the following:

  • Plan and deliver ICT services aligned with the strategic directions and needs of the Fiji E-Government Master Plan;
  • Provide all ICT services to the Fiji Government in a manner that enables ITC services to deliver its business outcomes; and
  • Add value to ITC Services by identifying new opportunities services, technologies and practices that will improve efficiency of the Fiji Government service delivery.” – Laisiasa Tagicakiverata – Suva, Fiji

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