Learner’s Submission: Online Application for Birth Certificate in Fiji



1.         The government of Fiji has introduced some of its service online to assist its citizen both locally and abroad to access some of its information and resources.


2.         The aim of this write up is to explain the online public services in Fiji which I made use of and how it works.


3.         The write up will be presented under the following sub-headings:

  • Online application for Birth certificate; and
  • Conclusion

Online birth certificate application

4.         The online application for birth certificate is under the Birth Death Marriage (BDM) registry. The BDM is covered under the Laws of Fiji Cap 49 and 50 which are fully responsible for all matters regarding the registration of marriage, births and deaths in Fiji.

5.         Within the BDN online registry, Fiji citizens can obtained services for the following:

  • Birth Certificate application;
  • Marriage Certificate application;
  • Special License to Marry application; and
  • Death certificate application

6.         As of the scope of this write up, I will be based only on the procedure of making application for a birth certificate which I have the experience of using the service.

7.         On the application of the birth certificate the following details of the person requesting a birth certificate is needed:

a. First name of the applicants;

  • Last name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Father’s name;
  • Mother’s name;
  • Place of birth;
  • Province (there is a total of 15 provinces in Fiji); and
  • District (provinces are made up of a number of districts)

8.         In addition to the persona details of the applicants, the following are also required in regards to the application:

  1. Number of copies required;
  2. Delivery mode (either courier or counter collection);
  3. Address of delivery if required delivery; and
  4. Option of Apostille stamp

9.         The cost per copy is FJ$2.30 and an additional FJ$5.00 is charged if required delivery. At present the online payment through credit cards is not yet available.

10.       Once the application is submitted, an application ID will be given to assist in any inquiry in regards to the application. The Fiji government ITC service will also send you an email in regards to the status of your application as it processed further.

11.       Also at the applicants account with the Fiji e-gov online service My Case page can be viewed for the progress of the application.


12.       The Fiji E-Gov online service is available to all citizens for available online services. Registration is free and once registered as a business user or citizen user; you can enjoy the service provided.

13.       From personal experience, e-government service provided by the Fiji government has been very effective and efficient. With the current ICT service in Fiji, the reaction time for any complaints or service needed has been greatly improved in comparison with the manual methods.

14.       The upgrading of ITC services in Fiji migrating to 4G, more service will be provided online and the payment of service through credit cards will surely be an advantage to both business and citizen users.” – Laisiasa Tagicakiverata – Suva, Fiji

Learner’s Submission: Indian Railway System


“I have been using the online Railway Booking system frequently as I was used to do weekly up-down for long distance. The system is beneficial as it helps to save lot of time for booking and reservation process. We can feel the convenience at the finger tips. The first view of Indian Railway system (Login Page) is as in below image:


This is the login view, post entering the username and password it redirects user to the trip page. Now this page has huge amount of data. This page allows user to access railway ticket booking, air ticket booking, hotel bookings, tourist train information, cabs and customized tour packages from IRCTC. The system is very well developed but lacks at load sharing. That is only the aspect of this application needs to be improve. Locations are being suggested by entering only first four letters of location. Booking availability is being shown for 7 days. All the options for booking say for different class of coach are being shown at the same place along with their availability.

The advantage of this application is as soon as you are done with your booking it immediately send a confirmation message and e-ticket to the registered mobile number and email address. This messages and e-tickets are being considered in absence of hard copy of ticket. This helps India in “Go GREEN” Concept. The another advantage of this application is that it has helped national and state government cut down the corruption, rising in ticket booking system. Just because of this system every single Indian citizen is turning less worried for their tour planning. Their time is saved using this application.

Another Advantage this application has provided so far and will keep on providing is tour package booking, the statistics says this facility is mostly used by the foreign nationals who are on their India tour. They use this system to understand and explore India. What everyone requires is a perfect guidance to move around in India and this online service is the best option for the same. The other way around, pain area while travelling are the cabs and Hotel booking. Any layman can book the best services from this. The information along with their rates, services of class, packages if provided are made available on this. Every small item has been capitalized very well.

Every booked item can be seen anytime in booking history. Printouts can also be taken. Reference can also be given. One more advantage of this application can be said is that anyone can file their TDR from this as well.

Loyalty program on this website inspires users for the maximum utilization of this system, the benefits of this program also helps to save some amount of money also the gifting system attracts the new users.

Nevertheless the load on this application has been tremendous, which leads to dissatisfaction of users. Many times complaints and issues are logged, improvements are seen but it needs more changes in the same. Hopefully government is taking initiatives and more can be expected. ” – Harshal Purohit –  Gujarat, India

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