Learner’s Submission: An Online Public Service I Used in Botswana, and How it Works



I have used an online public service in Botswana, my home country. The online public service I used is referred to as the Integrated Procurement Management System (IPMS). The Integrated Procurement Management System (IPMS) is an initiative of the Botswana Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, a Parastatal body here in Botswana. The primary objective of the IPMS is to improve the public procurement process by automating procurement system. The automation of the procurement system of the PPADB also envisages improving service delivery of the PPADB.

IPMS is a web-based application on the Microsoft Platform with MW SQC as data base and accessible through the internet through web browser. The production servers are hosted at the Main Site at PPADB and Disaster Recovery Servers which are hosted by the Department of Information Technology.


I once used the Contractor registration Module of the Integrated Procurement Management System. The Contactor registration module is a Web-based platform where all contractors intending to do business with the Procurement Entities of the Republic of Botswana are required to use. This module helps in facilitating online registration of Contractors on IPMS.


3.1. The Contractor Registration Module.

All contactors intending to do business with the Procurement Entities of the Republic of Botswana are required to register with PPADB. This Module facilitates online registration of contractors on the IPMS.

3.2. Accessing CRM

Remember that IPMS is Web-based PCs on a network. To access IPMS, you open a web browser and in the address bar of the browser, enter the portal web address or IP address of the server where application is deployed to create a space for IPMS login screen to appear.


Here the contractor enters the login details. If you are new, it is mandatory to provide the following login details, Field name, User ID, Password, Confirm password, Security question, Answers.

4.1. Login.

After contractor fills and save the new User Registration page, system sends an E-Mail to the primary contact E-Mail address mentioning his/her login information. Using those credentials he/she can login into IPMS.

4.2. Filling up Basic Profile.

The contractor will, after login, click on Basic profile. The basic profile form opens on the screen, where the contractor will follow the screen commands.

4.3. Selection of Division (Works/Service/Supplies).

Once the basic registration is completed, then the user can start contractor registration process for specific category and division. The contractor then clicks the Add New Application button to create new application. This screen also displays the list of registration application created by the user with the current status. The system displays the page to select the Division. The registration process page will display list of the Division/Discipline under the Process Selection. User has to enter the registration reference number and select the Division/Discipline and Click on the Proceed button to initiate the process.

4.3.1.      Selection of Business Type.

This form displays selection of Business Type. Based on the selection of the option on this page, the relevant form appears to the user in the next screen to fill. From there the user selects the option from the drop down box and clicks on the save button. Then click on the Proceed to next Task button to proceed to filling up relevant forms.


If the contractor has selected the type of business as Company then he/she has to fill the company registration form as it appears on the screen. After filling the form, the contractor clicks on save/update to proceed.


If the contractor selects business type as trade then he/she has to fill the Trade registration form as it appears on the screen. After filling the form on the screen, click save/update to proceed.


5.1. Filling Division Specific Forms.

If the user selects contractor at the time of filling basic profile then he/she will get the forms for contractor in line with Division/Discipline selection. The contractor then fills the details as instructed by the form appearing on the screen.


After going through the necessary steps of registering online, the user has to click on the button “Submit Contractor Registration Application” to complete the registration process. The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board will then assess the application and accordingly respond online. ” – Mpho Kasoka – Ghanzi, Botswana


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