Learner’s Submission: Potential users of RBME system – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


“The potential users of RBME system in my organization are those who involve their task on projects and programmes (like Macro Economy Policy and Management Department, Research and Budget Department, Foreign Resource Mobilization and Management etc). Especially, the Foreign Resource Mobilization and Management Department uses the system since there are so many programmes and projects undertaken like protecting of Basic Services (PBS), Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP), GEQIP (General Education Quality Implementation), Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources (SUN), etc.

Since the system is used to follow-up the progress of the program or project and to know the impact, the users have invaluable interest on the system and they want to know the Progress, weaknesses, quality, quantity, outcome , impact and negative effects of the projects or programmes by using the Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation System(RBME).

When they use the system of RBME, all stages are undertaken. Generally, the invaluable use of the system (to understand the progress, weaknesses, expected out put and impact of the project or programme) forces the organization to use the system.

The online learning of such like courses by UNPAN and other organizations develop the knowledge of the experts and managers who undertake the responsibility of executing and managing the activities of the projects and programmes and the ultimate objective of the project or program will achieved. So such courses are very necessary especially for developing countries to fulfill the ultimate objective of MDG.” – Migbaru Alamirew Workeneh – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


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