What needs to be done by Top Leadership to Align Human Resource Capacity Development with the Development Vision of the Country.

In a country or an organization of many people, goals are set to be achieved. These goals are not just assumed or they happen by themselves, processes or procedures are followed one after the other. For these to be followed, leadership is involved. The leaders start in different ways. Whatever the way is, there must be top leadership of such country or organization. These people take key and final decisions for the country and organization. Decisions that can positively or negatively affect generations. However, the aim at the end is to see to a whole country progress.

Leader, Leadership and Human Resource Management

First thing first, the key factor is understanding who a leader is. Is a person who leads or has authority in decision making.

Human resource management is the practice of handling organization’s or company’s resources, more especially or particularly humans. The management managed by the human resource manager deals with staffing, reward, performance management, office or employee relation, well being of staff, learning and development, knowledge management and human capital management.

With a clear cut goals and vision, decisions must be taken, though collectively, but must be stamped by key decision makers or maker, that is leadership.

Leadership and Human resource management go hand in hand. A leader must have all these qualities of a human resource manager. As he leads he must be able to practice all these. A leader cannot be a good leader without having the human resource capacity. The two move all at once.

Resource Capacity Development

Resource capacity development is the growth and sustenance of an organization’s and individuals’ know how, skills, experience and knowledge towards sets goals.

Resource capacity on its own is the increase in knowledge, know-how and experience of people in and organization.

The act of sustaining the knowledge of the resource in the organization is the development.


Aligning Human Resource Capacity Development with Development and Vision of the Country

To align Human Resource Capacity Development with the development and vision of a country, it must be approached from different perspectives or angles. They are; Individual, Organizational, and the Community/ Environment.


Being the smallest unit of an environment, or an organization, the growth in knowledge, skills, and knowhow of an individual play a role for a country to achieve each of its development and vision. The capacity development of an individual is important.

The leaders or leadership of a country should therefore invest heavily in the capacity development of such individuals. When individuals’ skills are identified they should be assisted to utilize them towards achievement of the country’s set goals.

Other ways of aligning HRCD in individuals to country’s development is through mentorship. Many stopped on the way because they lacked this. Leaders can take it upon themselves to mentor up coming up coming leaders in the office or organization.


Leaders can also align HCRD towards the country’s growth and vision by using organizational approach.

Policies and policy formulation by leaders contributes if done rightly. Leaders should form policies that suit their organization and staff. It should be aimed at the country’s growth.

Policy is talked here because of the challenges faced by governance in Africa. Challenges like accountability and transparency. Some challenges could also be geopolitical, economic and cultural. The policies should be made in such a way that none would feel marginalized. Not only policy formulation but the steps involved should be followed. The need to build trust among the stakeholders, using the environments’ state, weighing the magnitude of the policies. All these will help in achieving the development vision of a country.


The environment houses both the individual and the organization, so attention must be paid to it.

While the policies are being formed, individual’s knowledge and know-how are built; it should be put also in mind the local community and authorities surrounding it. Above all a stable political environment.

All these can set a country towards achieving its goals, but only on one condition- sustainability.

Africa has formed some the best policies in the world, implemented and taken off, but along the line abandoned. These as a result of unstable political environment, lack of continuity because of political differences of one party and another. If only the leaders would accept the policies and other goals set by the opposition, regardless of party, religion, ethnicity and cultural background for the development of the country and people, all HRCD plans align for the growth of our countries and Africa at large will one day come to fruition. – Polycarp   H.  Pharis, Nigeria.


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