What are the social media channels used by your government? Why are they important?

The world in twenty first century is a global village. People can communicate between each other by many channels, using the newest technical solutions. The Government in every country also should use similar tools to communicate with their citizens. The virtual reality is a basic environment for the people called as generation Z (Gen Z is part of a generation that is global, social, visual and technological).

Polish Government uses social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. In numbers it looks like this: at the Facebook there are around 81 thousands of “like” on Twitter 380 thousands of “watching” and 529 “like” and on Instagram there is 1820 of “watching”. Is it huge number or not? If we compare 38 million of habitants with the number of people who uses the social media we can see that this is still not very satisfactory number.

The social media for the Government are really important. They are the collective of online communications channels dedicated to local or nationwide community. Social media allow for input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. The society can understand more from the Government activity and it’s an enduring reality of online existence. The society should know all movements, plans and actions of the Government and should have possibility to share their opinion with the Government.

The social media are also very important for the Government from the strategic point of view. People can share idea and they can create a huge net which will support but also evaluate the work of the Government. People can organize themselves in a big group of the supporters or the opponents of the Government. So in the interest of the Government is to have a good relationship with social media and be open for any kind of cooperation.

In my opinion the low level of using the social media by people is the result that there is no interactive action of these media in cooperation with the Government. Citizens expect quick response times. Most of the people look to social media as a satisfactory outlet for complaining or requesting any service from the Government (or from particular Ministry). Low rates of people who use social media to discuss political or public issue with the Government or other government institutions is as the result of low level of capacity and efficiency of the officials responsible for these media. Potential of social media is still not fully utilized. Social media have great potential to make progress in communication between officials and citizens.

Social media offer new opportunity to reduce distance between government and citizens, more collaborative and responsive way, but to communicate with the Government people still use the traditional way (e-mail or paper letters).

The future of social media is very clear: new platforms of communication, new solution and better quality. The social media should be the one of the most important way to collect information from the society, to understand the needs and behaviours of the citizens and hey should create a feedback in the two-sided relations and help to reduce the political exclusion.  Piotr F. Borowski, Poland.



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