Legislation in Mongolia regarding the data protection?

After twenty first century Mongolians have begun the process of improving transparency and access to information in the country. As of May 2007, the Cabinet of Ministers discussed a final draft of a Freedom of Information law, but action was postponed on the law to allow it to be discussed along with draft laws on information security and information technology. Mongolian Data protection Law (adopting a Law on Personal Secrecy 1995 and a Law on Personal Secrecy/ Privacy Law) was first approved in 2011 nearly a quarter of a century after data privacy laws first appeared in Asia. Therefore the data privacy sector is kind of new and I do not think it is sufficient safe in Mongolia.

Last few decades technology developments show no sign of slowing. Communications and control technology continues to argument the intelligence of individual humans, collections of humans, and machines. It is called as the Information Age that the Industrial Revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on information computerization. This era had brought internet cyber world which is a magnificent tool for the information sharing. It is said that the Internet cannot be totally destroyed in one event, and if large areas are disabled, the information is easily rerouted. In Mongolia, internet users are growing rapidly especially young generation are attracting to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Because internet is user-friendly to access and almost every single café, restaurant have their own free Wi-Fi in Ulaanbaatar (capital city of Mongolia). However there are many pros in the internet usage, it has followed some issues related to human right, data privacy and information sharing policy. For instance, people share Mongolian movies on the social media without their permission. It is impossible to identify the real name on the social media therefore piracy occurs regularly on social media. Some personal information is considered more sensitive than other, and therefore subject to stricter rules; this includes racial or ethnic origin, political views, religion, and health and sex life. Such information cannot be collected or used at all without individual’s consent.

In the technologized societies, to empower us to control our information and to protect us from abuses, it is essential that data protection laws restrain and shape the activities of companies and governments. Although most people know that they break the data protection law, they do it voluntarily because there is no accurate government controlling system. High-tech criminals have becoming more sophisticated and organized. They can exploit human error and weak security controls to steal trade secrets, payments card data, employee and customer information, and other personal information. Hackers not only robe a company of data, they impugn its integrity, breach its trust with clients and customers; damage its brand and reputation.

To sum up, we need to organize trainings for the people who do not know about data protection law and so that could reduce the number criminality related to data privacy law. On the other hand, government organization should control and identify the criminality accurately. Therefore we could prevent from the increase number of criminality. – Badamsuren Batchuluun, Mongolia.

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