As an HR maneger, how are your country’s top leadership and development vision linked to human resources capacity development in the public sector ?

Human Resources are central to planning, managing and delivering any service including health care, pharmaceutical services, public services in general…..etc. Any development achievement relies on the capacity of individuals. In order to reach the development objectives government should invest in individual development while financial resources also development policies and assistance are vital to the country’s capacity development.

UNDP defines capacity development as ‘the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time’. Capacity building commonly refers to a process that supports only the initial stages of building or creating capacities and alludes to an assumption that there are no existing capacities to start from. It is therefore less comprehensive than capacity development. The OECD/DAC writes that capacity building suggests a process starting with a plain surface and involving the step-by-step erection of new structure based on a perconceived design. Experience suggests that capacity is not successfully enhanced in this way capacity building can be relevant to crisis or immediate post- conflict situations where existing capacity has largely been lost due to capacity destruction or capacity flight.

Human beings are the most important and the most useful assets in any public sector organisation.

An organisation that has enough capital and unskilled workforce will be unable to achieve its goals.

Public sector in any country is made only to cover up unemployment in other words to decrease the rate of unemployment. In reality, I would say in our country, it’s only for previleged one. Human resources system is based on favouritism and bribery, corruption overall the industrial sector, food industry, and higher education., high positions. In contrast, health care and education are different. For health care specialized people are oriented directly without any protocol as they know that they are going to work in bad conditions for those who can bear. For others, they are going to be brilliant surgeons and doctors in other foreign countries. Regarding education sector, lattely, only those who cannot do something else go to education. It’s by no choice. That’s why we notice that education is backsliding more and more. As teachers are no more chosen for their capacities or even for having high education levels or being specialists. In short, the public sector in my country is not realy a reference .

But as a HR manager, top leadership is development. Being a leader can avoid so many difficulties that an organisation can face as the leader can avoid so many mistakes that could be done by the workfoce by being present at their side leading them so he/she knows exactly the weak points of anybody in his or her team. A leader knows exactly what king of people he/she wants to be surrounded with so a leader chooses the right skilled people which leads to a good understanding,  to a better managing and to the organization progression, this what we call development.

Human resources capacity helps leaders to measure the effectiveness of performance, it also helps to identify the weaknesses of the employees in this way it helps to identify the training needed in orde to improve the employees skills and knowledge. We have to give an important attention to Human resources for its vital potential implications relating to fair employment practices and about increasing concerns about employees productivity in the organization. Human Resources helps leaders to develop individuals creating a basis, or a start up, a line to plan a better future. Human resource management works to ensure that employees are able to meet organizational goals.

To sum up, in order to develop the public sector, both HR specialists and leaders should invest in the training and the development of the staff. It’s important that any investment in HR capacity evaluates the different ways to deliver the HR function. Leadership is the key development in any fair public sector. – Naciba Serir, Algeria.



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