Online Public Services in the Republic of Mauritius

The National Portal ( of the Government of Mauritius has a one-stop-shop for e-Services offered by Government agencies, i.e. the online services are published in a centralized repository that is easily accessible from main page of the portal.

The main benefit of having such a one-stop-shop for e-Services is that the Public does not have to search online services on websites of different Government agencies as searching and accessing online services are easier when same are consolidated at a single place.

As at date, more than 60 e-Services and 10 e-Payment services are available on the portal. In addition to listing e-Services in alphabetical order, a search feature as well as categorization of e-Services into different hierarchies such as Persona (Citizen, Business, etc.), Domain (Agriculture, Education, etc.), Ministry, Department and Parastatal are provided to allow users to lookup e-Services easily.

To avail of any e-Service, a user is required to register in the portal first and subsequently, the registered particulars are automatically populated every time a user applies for an e-Service. This saves the user from entering the information again for other e-Services.

A workspace is provided to the user within the portal where all applications to e-Services of the user can be searched, viewed and tracked.

An example of an e-Service, which is widely used by the citizens of Mauritius, is the “Application for Appointment for Vehicle Examination” at the National Transport Authority (NTA). The public may also phone, make a request by fax or call in person at the Vehicle Examination Centre for obtaining an appointment. However, the advantage of using the e-Service rather than conventional channels is that with the e-Service, an earlier appointment date can be obtained compared to other channels. This is an example of how take-up of e-Services can be increased by providing attractive incentives to the users over conventional service channels.

The e-Service “Application for Specific Registration Mark” of the National Transport Authority (NTA) is another popular e-Service, which allows vehicle owners to have an old registration mark allocated to their vehicle. It is to be noted that this facility can only be carried out via an e-Service. This is another way to increase use of e-Service by making applications to the service mandatory via the online channel.

The Government Portal is also accessible via an official mobile app on both Android and IOS that also provides access to online services.

In addition to the e-Services accessible on the Government Portal, businesses can also avail of online services for application of business licenses on the Business Licensing Portal (

Furthermore, the portal of the Local Authorities of the Republic of Mauritius ( allows members of the public to benefit from a number of services online such as Online Payment facility for Trade Fees, Application for Building and Land Use Permit, submission of complaints among many others.-Hemchandra Betchoo, Mauritius.

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