Do you think that your data available in your government is safe? Do you know of any legislation in your country regarding the data protection?

Data in my country is safe as there is multiple privacy and storage techniques have been implemented to save the data.

Moreover the data is encrypted with technologies under security management.

I know about the legislation of my country which are as follows


  1. The IT Act 2000 of my country

It contains provisions of protection of electronic data by means of electronic communication.

It provides legal transaction to electronic data in which paper based methods are used by the means of e commerce .Electronic filing is also facilitated.


  1. Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.These rules have three provisions Body Incorporates, Information Providers and the Government.  Tighten its grip over the un-estimated and negligent use of the personal data.


  1. The Copyright Act, 1957 protects Intellectual Property rights in literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and cinematographic works. It includes computer databases as well. Therefore, copying a computer database, or copying and distributing a database amounts to infringement of copyright for which civil and criminal remedies can be initiated. The differentiation of data protection and database protection under the

Copyright Act. Data protection is aimed at protecting the informational privacy of individuals, while database protection of the creativity and investment put into the compilation, verification and presentation of databases.


  1. The Indian Penal Code, 1860 can be used as an effective means to prevent data theft. Offences such as misappropriation of property, theft, or criminal breach of trust attract imprisonment and fine under the IPC. The offences of theft and misappropriation under the IPC only apply to movable property; it has been defined to include corporeal property of “every description,” except land and things permanently attached to the earth. Therefore, computer databases can be protected under the IPC, as they are movable by their very nature and under the Copyright Act because they are a form of Indian penal.


There are certain processes which BPOS implemented which are self-regulatory processes such as the BS 7799 and ISO 17799.the are effective to standardize information security management and restrict the quantity of data that can be made available to their employees. This act completely provides the data safety.


These afore mentioned are the few among the legislations adequate safeguards, and to monitor the collected data and its usage. – Rajat Bhatnagar, India

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