what are the social media channels used by the government and why are they important?

According to this globalized world everything is changing and becoming easier than before for instance social media is a rapid moving technology which helps governments and other organisations to manage their activities in an ease way day by day.

Similarly, my Somali government uses a lot of social media for its public service such as; Facebook, Twitter, websites and all channels used through internet connection. For example each government official from president up to subordinate staff uses a Facebook account and they publish event and advancements for their offices.  A lot of people are flowing to them by commenting and expressing their attitude about what has done so far.

Somali government officials use social media to measure their dignity in front of public they represent. This helps them to identify their political future and the vote they may expect in the coming elections.

There are a lot of newspapers and web based applications used by Somali government to publish daily news and events also market shares and currency exchange. These sources help for public to know daily circulations and activities of the country.

Moreover, during charity collection; government publish bank accounts through social media for money accumulation to address a standing need such as; drought, famine or any other hazard facing to the society.

There are a lot of importance and advantages for social media in governments, for instance Somali government uses social media to ask people their views about a particular topic. After people expressed their attitude on the offered topic, government analyses the peoples’ ideas into meaningful way which lead to the government to take vital decision about that particular topic.

Somali government uses social media as channels for public education and passes massages and other important information to the public with less or no cost. Using a social media keeps not to use much time for delivering information to the public it is useful for public to deliver massages to the public in an easy and wide manner. Also, it is good for citizens to go with government activities without losing time and energy.

In opposite of that, Somali government uses social media to prevent crimes and planed attacks. It uses as a tool during the time of crime investigation by referring the social media used by suspected individuals.

There are numerous advantages in social media in governments such as; facilitating way of administration, public education, citizen engagement in political participation, crime prevention and investigation, political campaigns in election periods and so on.

In conclusion, social media helps Somali government to deliver its service to public in an easy way with less cost and time. The government uses the social media in a different ways and purposes such as; public education, citizen political participation, crime prevention and investigation. Social media has great importance to both government and public. It is the bridge between government and public for transferring massages and sharing ideas. – Mohamed Hirey, Somalia.



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