Which for of corruption (bribery, trading in influence, extortion, favoritism, misuse of public property) is the hardest to combat? And which form of corruption presents the biggest challenge for State reform?

Corruption is a term which needs to be avoided for developing a nation.  But this is a regular schedule nowadays in our State in each and everywhere.  From the starting of grass-root level to the top level of administration, corruption is being a flow of direction without which any kind of work cannot be directed or implemented by the authorities concerned.  At present, different Medias are collecting the news and highlighting various types of corruptions and the involvement of different personnel or group of personnel regarding their commitment and reality of implementation with deceptive conspiracy.  Different people of different classes are doing corruption to achieve their personal gains which need not be taken for our social needs.  Political leaders as well as ministers are highly corrupted in their assigned tasks of the society.  Every time they are working dishonestly and taking the facilities of corruption as much as they can avail.  They are committing social crimes as well for their gainful work like rape, murder, dacoity etc. which are usually known as heinous crimes of our human society.

There are different types of crimes like bribery, trading in influence, extortion, favoritism, misuse of public property etc.  Extortion is very hard to combat among the type of crimes in our social definition.  Each and every time common people are the victims of crimes by different provocation initiated by State Cadre Leaders / Ministers.  Indian leaders are working as a social worker or social activist in front of public domain but most of the times a few leaders as well as ministers are working for their personal good by taking the financial support from the large number of common masses behind the public domain.  This situation is increasing day by day and the administrators are also unable to cope up with the situation of rule of law as the local leaders or national leaders or ministers even are taking part in influencing the work of the administration illegally.  These are completely illegal, immoral and opposed to public policy.

The solution can also be there to control for these types of undesirable situation in our State.  Different Types of Statutory and Autonomous Bodies needs to be established so that leaders or ministers can not influence on the work of the administrators.  In addition to this, the power of anti-corruption department should be increased and the digital media should be accessible so that people may avail the help from anyone easily.  Transparency report of all departments should also be directed by a separate team or authority (statutory or autonomous) or agency so that people may know the true facts and figures as far as their requirement concerned.  Most of the transactions should be done through digital communication so that the record of everything can be stored for future contingencies and availability.  Nobody should interfere in the activity of another unless and until the power is assigned with proper justification.  If we can take these types of initiatives, it will be easy to eradicate these types of corruptions from our State as well as Country or from our human society. – Tapas Kumar Debnath, India.


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