Ensuring e-Government Uptake through Internet-Access-for-All in Togo

Since the year 2012, when the Togolese Government adopted a proposition from the then Post and Telecommunications Ministry now Post and Digital Economy Ministry to modernize the public sector, the commitment for an efficient and more citizen-centered public administration have not changed. The e-Government project in Togo was then divided in 2 phases. The phase 1 was launched in March 2015 and consisted of connecting 500 administrative sites with fiber optics over a 1 year period. These administrative sites include Ministries, Government agencies, public and private institutions, hospitals and schools. As at today,  the Togolese Government can boast of an online presence for almost all its ministries, institutions and government agencies.  Other projects have subsequently been also put in place to address the problems of access divide and to ensure citizens’ adoption of online services.

  • Helim Zone project

This project consists of providing affordable Wifi hotspots in major places of the Country. Developed by Togo Telecom, a State-Owned Telecommunications Company, through this project,  the Government is aiming at ensuring an internet access for the citizenry in a country where as at 2011,  less than 5% of the population had access to the Internet. The  project has started in the Capital City and is set to expand to other cities in the Country.  This project will ensure internet access to low-income individuals who previously considered Internet access a luxury.

  • Bluezone Togo

The project Bluezone Togo is one of the major breakthrough in the Internet-Access-for-All in Togo. Initiated by Bollore Group, the project offers free internet access to people around an access point called “Bluezone”. Debuted with the first access point in Cacaveli, a neighborhood in the Togolese Capital City Lome, the project is  set to expand to major places in the capital and to the whole country.  In a country where the cost of Internet is relatively high this project will help the youth and adults get access to internet for free.

  • e-Village Project

The Togolese Government recently started debating on a plan to put in place an e-Village Project. This project consists of making at the disposals of villages’ chiefs and remote communities’ leaders a number of free cellphones with a monthly credit allowance. The aim of this project is to enable quick responses in remote areas in period of natural disasters or security concerns. The success of this project will reduce the gap of information-divide as people leaving in remote areas are often left out. – Apetogbo Komlan Aklikokou, Togo.


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