Human beings are the most important and the most useful assets in any public sector organization as well as active agents, who accumulate capital, exploit natural resources, build socio-economic structures and carry forward economic development. An organization that has enough capital but, lack skilled workforce will be unable to achieve its goals and objectives. Thus, the capacity development in the public sector is not dependent on the availability of capital or natural resources but the skills of its workforce or personnel.

Human Resources Capacity Development In The Public Sector

The organizational context in which human resource finds itself currently is one of rapid change and considerable uncertainty. Human resource management in Capacity development in the public sector like in any other organization is also in the process of change with regard to the nature of the role performed by human resource management.  Managers perform many of the functions traditionally handled by Human resource management professionals. Similarly, the trend is for businesses to shed all functions not directly related to core business, HRM ensure that they have good employees.

Human Resources capacity helps leaders to measure the effectiveness of performance, it also helps in identifying training needs and largely promotes motivation towards work. Human Resources helps leaders to help leaders to measure and evaluate an individual employee’s behavior and accomplishments over a specific period of time. The attention given to human resources has increased, due to its important potential implications, relating to fair employment practices and because of increasing concerns about employee productivity in the organization. The most basic purpose of human resources is to provide information to the employees about their. Human Resources capacity help leaders to develop individuals, improve organizational performance and to develop the basis from which to build a baseline for planning for the future. Today’s organizations are continuously changing and organizational changes impact not only the business but also its employee. In order to maximize organizational effectiveness, individual capabilities, time and talents must be managed.  Human resource management works to ensure that employees are able to meet organizational goals.


The long essay actually contributed to the understanding of influence of HRM practices on capacity development in the public sector in the Nigerian. Any public sector organization, without a proper setup for human resource management is bound to suffer from serious problems while managing its regular activities. For this reason, today, visionary public sector organization are setting the pace to leverage this aspect for competitive advantage. – Abubakar Haruna, Nigeria

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