Human Resources Management is considered as Public Service Organization’s most valued assets, and is responsible for coordinating all other assets that Public Service Organization possesses. The human resource management function is increasingly important in shaping a new organization in which the quality and commitment of people are key to survival. People and the management of employees are increasingly seen as key elements of competitive advantage, in other words, the way in which Public Service Organization’s human resources are managed is important for its competitiveness and efficient service delivery. The importance of people management as a critical source of competitive advantage has been highlighted because of the increasingly competitive global market place facing organizations and the ease with which other sources of competitive advantage such as technology, manufacturing processes, structure and organizations are therefore seeking to understand how their human resources can be managed for sustainable competitive advantage.

The Impact of HRM On the Performance Of Africa’s Public Service

Performance is about getting the job done with tangible results. Performance is when the actual results on the job is equals to or exceeds the expected results. The term performance as a process which entails a number, or series of behaviors, directed towards the achievement of some predetermined goal. Performance means both behaviors and results. Behaviors emanate from the performer and transforms performance from abstraction to action. Not just the instruments for results, behaviors are also outcomes in their own right; the product of mental and physical efforts applied to tasks and can be judged apart from results.

Role of Human Resource Management in Enhancing Capacity Of Africa’s Public Service

The human resource department is saddled with the responsibility of managing people within Public Service Organization, it also plans for future activities and objectives involving people in Public Service Organization. Human resource has now emerged as a strategic paradigm in which individual human resource management roles such as recruitment, selection, training,compensation and performance appraisal are closely aligned with the overall strategy of the organization.


In this era of strategic management, the attention of many organizations are turning towards the Impact of HRM Practices on the Capacity of Africa’s Public Service. Human Resource management, therefore, are concerned with providing an effective organizational structure, manning it with appropriate personnel and securing optimum working conditions, the object being to maintain a level of moral which evokes the full contribution of all employees in ensuring that organization operates at maximum efficiency. – Abubakar Haruna, Nigeria.


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