Public Online Services in India

My Country is India and I live in the state of Chhattisgarh. Yes, I have used online services of my country. They are:

1 Got my passport through online at

  1. Frequently uses online portal to pay electricity bills on
  2. Pays local municipal taxes like water, land etc regularly.

Apart from above, there are various services offered by state government under E-services initiative especially in rural areas through rollout of various application like Priasoft, MAS(Mass Accounting System) and e service facility like online birth registration, death registration and marriage certificates in rural areas. In recent past, our centrally sponsor schemes like MNREGs where wage payment have been started through e-banking methods. Various banking correspondent are being deployed for the wage payments in rural areas to speed up and sort out wage grievances cases. Due to E-banking service model, wage reimbursement in rural areas has been improved and help in good governance.

a GIS based web application has been developed for PWD department and plotting and mapping of school in villages to be covered under Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission and application for plotting and mapping of transmission lines and substation of state’s power company and many other tasks have been done under the project.

a mobile app “Chhattisgarh Jansampark” frequently used by me and many intended to provide government-headed news and information to the people. This app will furnish the reports and information related to the important day-to-day activities of the state government, its various policies, schemes, decisions along with the photos and video footages.“In today’s digital world, the use of mobile apps have become more robust. The ‘Chhattisgarh Jansampark’ app is able to communicate updated information about the government’s programme, events, declarations, official orders and the cabinet’s decisions. This  initiative will strengthen better governance and greater transparency in administration.

The mobile app has been designed by Chhattisgarh InfoTech & Biotech Promotion Society (ChiPS), a nodal agency to foster IT growth and implement IT plans in the state.

These services work very well in our country and have created great social and economic benefits to our nation and society. – Shivendra Dubey, India.


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