What online public service I use in my country


Though motor traffic department rendered many important services to Sri Lankan in present, but only three services are available through the internet. Still other services are supplied as in traditional ways. In this manner to access the services rendered through the internet:

  • To apply a vehicle number we wish
  • To enquire information about registered vehicles
  • View ongoing numbers

There are two main methods of delivering information on registered vehicles. They are,

  • Giving full details with chargers
  • A free service, which gives a short description

The Sri Lankan government e service is getting information about the registered vehicles.

The way I got information about registered vehicles through the internet is discussed in the next chapter.

How do they work

In this chapter I’m expecting to describe about how the e-government services work. First we should access a web browser. Then www.motortraffic.gov.lk should be entered in the address bar. When we give above URL a web page is opened.

This web site supply services through three languages as follows, Sinhala, Tamil and English.

In here after I will complete all the future tasks choosing English as the language. After selecting a language we are navigating to the home page of department of motor traffic.

In that page the services rendered by this department is classified under 4 category.

  1. Reserve a number in Advance
  2. Getting Details of a Registered Vehicle
  3. Enquire Ongoing Registration Number

Through the above mentioned three services the service I used is the following service.

  • Getting Details of a Registered Vehicle

That is getting details of a registered vehicle. For this we must click on the “Getting Details of a Registered Vehicle” statement which is on e-services. Then we are navigated to the “Getting Details of a Registered Vehicle”

There we must again click on the statement, “getting details of a registered vehicle”. Then we are navigated to the following web page.

In here there are two main methods of providing online information. They are

  • Full Vehicle Information Request
  • Limited vehicle information request

Now let’s consider about Full Vehicle Information Request method. Firstly let’s access to full vehicle information request. In here this supply full details about registered vehicle but this service have applied charges. For this RS. 150 must be paid.

To access this service we must click on “Proceed” button.

Then an authentication screen as is appeared. In there we must login through our online account. It is mentioned in here there are many ways to login. They are Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. I used my Google account as authentication in this. In here by entering the user name and password we must login to our Google account.

After that the web page is opened firstly Department of Motor Traffic is automatically navigated to a web page.

In there should fill the following (Name, NIC No, Vehicle Registration Number, Vehicle Chassis Number) description and you must submit it after filling it.

When submitting it requests to confirm. So it must be confirmed and submitted. After that following “Confirmation to Proceed “page appears.

In there the proceed must be confirmed. Also in there it is shown that Rs 150 charges are applied.

We can go further by clicking the confirmation button of this page. After that follow showing page “Terms and Conditions.” is appeared this is the page that shows agreement for terms and conditions.

There we must click I accept and we must select a method to do our payment. In here there are 3 method to do payments.

There are as follows

Visa/MasterCard (Sampath Bank)

AMEX/American Express Card (Nation Trust Bank)

Mobile cash (eZ cash)

After selecting one of above mentioned payment method proceed button must be clicked. In here I selected visa /master card as the payment method. After that we navigate to confirm payment details page. There after reading these details toughly by pay now button we can proceed there clicking then follow shown page is displayed.

This is the stage to fill the payment details. In here following details must be filled. (Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV2/CVC2 Number, Name on Card, E-Mail, Mobile Number, Word Verification)

These are details about our bank card. After completing those we must click pay button then we navigate to following page.

In here after filling the One Time Authentication code we can proceed. After that the payments get completed and all the details of the registered vehicle we requested are given. If you like to print the printing facilities also given. – Chamith Madhushanka Liyanage, Sri Lanka.


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