Online Services in Madagascar

Madagascar has some online services such as asking online your fiscal identification number  through but it requires that you go at the office to present the original pieces of papers requested ; therefore the online service is highly uncompleted as it only save time on downloading but even here, filling the form is sometimes complicated.  Madagascar websites are better known for information delivery, not really for service delivery.

What should exist in Madagascar is a large database of its population which existence will facilitate all administrative procedures to people years after.  These databases should include at least Name, First name, National ID, Residence certificate, Birth Certificate as these are the basic document needed anywhere you go. other document can be  added of course.

These databases should be designed to update continuously mainly regarding  Citizen under 18 years old who will get automatically his/her National ID a day after their 18th birthday, instead of following long days of procedures and waiting long queues, since the system calculate automatically his/her age. (The need of an updated photo and fingerprints will be the only reason for him/her to go to the appropriate office to get his national ID). The Identity of the person who will go to the office can be checked by other ways such as

This automatic updating system can be expanded through other areas.

All ministries, government institution , private enterprise, banks, hospitals,  Telecommunication operators should have access to these information so that when people intend to apply for a job, subscribe to a university degree, create enterprises, open a bank account, close a bank account,  … they don’t have to bring basic papers.

Practical example :

Amanda was born in 12  June 2015 and let’s suppose that the database system is operational on 1st January 2016. The Hospital is the starting point of the database by inserting the name of all newborn babies in the nation. As she gets her first diploma at the age of 11 ( for example) , the ministry of education will insert in the database her notes, scores and diplôma. The same when she gets her baccalaureate diploma, Licence and Master degrees.

Amanda is 18 years old on 12 June 2033.  Her National ID is ready by the last day of May 2033 and she just get to the respective office the 13 June 2033 to take photo and get her ID few minutes after with fingerprints saved.

She has her first mobile phone, Telecommunication operator links her profile with a number related to her. (This is a little complicate when people here have more than 1 mobile phone) When she applies for a job, the enterprise concerned checks her national ID card  on the database and see all her information. If she is retained for the job, the private enterprise inserts in the database her entry date to the professional segment ( and automatic job certificate is available). When shee needs to open a bank account to transfer her salary, the bank has access to the database and  will see  that she is really working (The proof of having a job is mandatory in Madagascar when you want to open a bank account) .  If she leaves a job, the same principles apply.  If she needs to go abroad, getting her international passport from the Ministry of Internal affairs is not difficult.

When she marries, her profile will be linked to her husband in the database and marriage certificate is automatically generated…

The objective is to only bring your National ID to achieve a procedure in whole national territory whatever paper is asked as all information are moved online in the database.

Note : Before her 18th birthday, parents can save a paper version of her original certificate of birth ( delivered when the baby was born with a unique unchangeable identification number – the  birth certificate identification number will identify the child himself during his life _ This identification number will be inserted by the hospital in the database to identify a person )  to prove the identity of their children.  This will avoid identity usurpation.

When someone dies, the Birth Identification number will be of no use anymore. Death Center Agency will inform the database of the death of the person. Information about the person can be archived.

Degree of access to information on the database may vary depending on national level requirement and in respect of privacy of personal life. The Citizen himself can even add some lines checked later by the concerned agency if it is true or not. – Fabienne Rafidiharinirina, Madagascar.


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