Strategic Public Sector Human Resources Management for Sustainable Development in Cameroon

Without critical thought, four loopholes puncture the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service of Cameroon… and there are many more weaknesses. But for the sake of space, let us snap on these and explain the benefits should the government decide to repent; confess their Human Resources Management sins and take necessary actions to improve the management of not only its public service capacity but work towards a sustainable approach of cultivating and nurturing students for future futuristic public sector jobs.

Cameroon lacks a 21st century clear cut legislation guiding Public Sector Human Resources Management. More so, the structured pigeonholed remuneration system is archaic and doesn’t work! The Public Sector Human Resources Management has, unfortunately– despite growing complexities and increasing challenges in today’s world; including the numerical explosion in the size of the public service — drifted only a few inches away from the stereotypic Personnel Administration system that had been, with the aim of serving their own colonial interests instituted by the French colonial administration through the policy of Direct Rule during the colonial era. The fallouts of Personnel Administration stir us unrepentant: economic stagnation, inability to accomplish up to 30% completion of MDGs and government’s development targets etc. Political assignments with the aim of winning over political opponents is not doing Cameroon any good; picking for instance, a law professor directly from the classroom without on-the-field experience to head The Ministry of Agriculture is argumentum ad verecundiam.

Cameroon must genuinely introduce Strategic Human Resource Management to its Public Sector if they were serious to become emergent by the target date of 2035.

No need to emphasize the far reaching positive consequences in creating a Human Resources Management Ministry and merge with the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Management – to replace the current plethora of education ministries and the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms. Ever thought for a minute what the benefits would be to begin raising public servants from secondary school? This would, to a large extent kill disturbing proportions of career uncertainties faced by students; orientate and counsel students towards pursuing specific career options based on their academic strengths, passion for the discipline and other competences.

Strategic Public Sector Human Resources Management, SPSHRM would also allow for:

  • Close active professional relationship between Human Resources managers and policy, decision and law makers; assignments to top government positions such as ministerial, secretaries general, general managers must be merit based;
  • Passing comprehensive legislation on Strategic Human Resources Management that would not only be limited to public service but also watchdog sleeping private sector managers to help government realize development objectives;
  • Adequate HR planning that would ensure that the right people with the right skills are assigned the right tasks at the right place at the right time to the right benchmarks for optimal performance;
  • Dismantling the pay system on the basis of categories A, B, C, D and match quality service to quality pay system. Great and enviable remuneration package. Assessing and measure the performance of employees to influence commendation, incentives or query;
  • Enhancing the competences and capacities (skills, knowledge, experiences, motivation, integrity) of public servants through trainings and mentoring;
  • Diversity and inclusions of well qualified persons to complete regional balance and satisfy minority groups erases tension;
  • Human Resources managers of Cameroon’s public service must align their strategies towards realizing goals set by government and or regional / international organizations.

All of the foretasted would revolutionize and drastically improve Cameroon’s public service performance and output thus achieving goals set by government and individual employee goals. – Akoson Akotarh Raymond – Yaounde, Cameroon

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