Learner’s Submission: Online Public Service in India

“The Banking Industry in India is now providing lot of online public services towards the nation.  Lot of public sector banks and private banks are providing the online public services.  The customers of the banks are operating the online fund transfers and other different type of transactions within a fraction of seconds from their suitable places.  So, we can easily say that the banking network has expanded their online public service in a broad manner for the people of India.

On the other hand, people are getting facilitated in transport industry as well in India.  Nowadays, we can easily book our online tickets through rail networks i.e. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Limited easily.  We are getting the facility of “Tatkal” also for travelling from one place to another.  Apart from this, we are also taking the facility in booking air-tickets electronically i.e., through online public service.  So, we are living in an environment of information technology and getting a huge facility of online public service.

Of late, we are also doing lot of payments through online.  As for e.g., we are paying the electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bills, LIC and other insurance premiums etc. payments through online.  So, in case of payments, we are doing our work very easily without spending our valuable time and energy within a fraction of seconds through online.  So, the online public service has made our life very easier nowadays.

All we know that our independent India is a developing country.  Here we are getting the above facilities through online public service but lot of areas is still there in Government Departments where the online public service has not yet been implemented.  As for example, admission system in lot of educational institutions is still not implemented.  So, as per my opinion, it needs to be implemented at the earliest so that the administrative pressure can be curtailed in comparing with the time frame with accuracy.  Until and unless the departmental people of India is digitally educated, digital implementation is not possible for all departments.  So, we can say the we need the proper infrastructure at first including good human resources.  Otherwise it will not be possible for the Governments also to take proper decision for entire implementation of electronic government.

Though our Governments (State and Central both) are trying to implement their system in electronic form for all departments as much as they can, but still there is some lacuna of digital resources.  Hence, the citizen of India should take responsibility also with Government to make the mission successful for online public service or electronic form for all departments as much as the people can do.” – Tapas Kumar Debnath – West Bengal, India


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