Learner’s Submission: E-Government in Egypt

“In Egypt, We see The E-government as the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve the activities of public sector organizations. E-government enables citizens to end their procedures of services from their home. Basically, these procedures would relieve the pressure and congestion of the governmental crowed.

For example, voting registration services which include all the population whom in the voting age. Also, the participation in political life to recognize the number and diverse of the civil organizations such as civil society organizations, cooperatives, trade unions, political parties.

The services which provided by the E-government include all of life and the civil, political, economic, social and cultural services. Effective E-government can provide a wide variety of benefits including more efficiency and savings for governments and businesses, increased transparency, and greater participation of citizens in political life.

The Ministry of Education has developed a number of electronic projects include e-government system and the Internet to link schools, students and teacher. Also to complete the development of a video system in order to link 57 meeting rooms in thousands of schools, as well as video conference system to link 27 provinces including Luxor. Schools were provided with computer labs and technology for the teachers and students .So that the program enables them to buy the costs of these materials by installments.

Smart Schools project

Within the framework of the cooperation by the Egyptian Education System which seeking to a modern communications and technology system, Egypt applied technological cooperation between the Development Center of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Smart Communications, and between USAID . The cooperation was to launch a smart school project and competitive participation (PFCE) in 14 Egyptian school (private and national and experimental) over 3 years.

This practical project was managed to integrate sources of information technology within the Egyptian Educational System, as it represents all of the computer network and the advanced media information for creativity.

In addition to the technological literacy, the project trained the managers and teachers on the project and the possibility of using the fundamentals of technology as a source of information to reach the level of digital mastery. Hence, I think that the main advantage for this project is to move in simplifying and facilitating the role of scientific material for students to train.

The project ensures teachers to create rooms with equipment by five teachers for each computer, and it provides them with the necessary technology to develop a lesson plan and also do the evaluation and administrative tasks.

General Tax authority

General Tax authority began a series of actions aimed to development and automation of all organs of the Ministry of Finance. So as to start of work on the procedures for the implementation of e-government, which provides many advantages while ensuring these advantages?

Consumer will save time and effort because of the current routine ,Provide the speed necessary for finishing services with efficiency and good performance As services will be provided by the E-government portal in this field of Taxes , Applications for a tax card , Add New Activity ,Notification of a temporary stop to the activity , Notify the interruption of a particular activity ,Notification practicing entity or modify or add partners ,Inquire about the balance of payments or ratification ,Notice to travel abroad , Notification to amend the legal entity ,Tax settlement, examination and raise the booking , Submission of a declaration for wages and salaries tax , Registration financiers , Basic data correction of Private providers.

The project aims to use the computer networks and information systems to facilitate and shorten the time to provide various services to citizens and investors (Cutting process costs), such as building permission and shops licenses .Also, the money transfer and receiving of services are available. (Managing process performance).Nowadays, it is also working to improve and increase performance and management level of other activities to the various councils local province then working in the link with the Cabinet of the province.” – Ali Adel Ali Ali Ibrahim – Dakhlia , Egypt


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