Learner’s Submission: What needs to be done by top leadership to align HRCD with the development vision of the country?

“Capacity development emphasises on  development of overall system, environment and context within which individual , organization and societies operate. Therefore the top leadership at the first place should be clear about what human resource they need in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, networks and technical knowhow. The Prime minister of India in his first address to the nation has given emphasis on skill development of the youth as a response to global demographic changes and with a realisation that demographically India is becoming a young nation in comparison to other western countries. By development of skills of youth and thereby making the young workforce ready for the global requirements is perfect example of aligning HRCD with the vision of the country. However, not mere speeches but concrete action is necessary for this kind of alignment.

  • Political leadership is the primary driver of capacity development. Leadership can enhance governance . Good governance and capacity building can facilitate emergence of better leader. A strong linkage should be developed between political leadership and capacity development approach of the country.
  • The top leadership should create and sustain positive and motivational environment that can encourage the human resource of the country to move in this direction. In India, the workmen are awarded by government on May day. Similar award functions should be organized to recognise work of trainers, managers engaged in mission mode.
  • The top leadership should initiate change, show the change direction and try to facilitate the problem facing HRCD efforts . They should be part of the overall strategic plan and ensure that time bound programs are run so that country’s vision of skilled workforce is ready by certain cut off year.
  • National HRCD policy and strategy should be established. This should be percolated down. At present India has 30 states. Central government and statements are run by the system, central list  and state list of governance. The scheme s run by the central government may not be of importance to different state governments as priorities are different. Now, In India a central structure such as NITI- Ayog has been installed which will work on the principles of cooperative federalism. So the task of the central leadership is to deliberate on the issue of requirement of skill development of the youths so that state leadership realise the importance of it and implement the scheme country wide.
  • Alignment between the lower level regional HRCD effort and national level HRCD effort is essentially required. This should be done at the level of civil servants. The role of top leadership is vital in this . From time to time the political leadership should review the  work of civil servants and ensure this alignment is happening in letter and spirit.

HRCD has became a vital need for country’s development. It is through this medium of human resource capacity that the other resources are changed and geared into motion. The role of the leadership comes under management concept of direction. Top leaders are accepted by all ; people, civil servant and other stake holders. Apart from playing the strategic  and motivational roles, they have to play the role of visionary. In the role of visionary they have to show the future path as well.” – Arkajyoti Samanta – Bangalore, India


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