Learner’s Submission: Online Public Services in Bangladesh

“Bangladesh has already started her journey for Digital Bangladesh. This journey has changed the entire country. It is a movement for openness and connecting peoples, more citizen engagement to development. It ensures more access to information to the citizens. We use online public services every day in many areas, in many cases. Here are two important services facilitated by the Government of Bangladesh are described before all of you.
1. National Web Portal
Government of Bangladesh has inaugurated national web portal http://www.bangladesh.gov.bd. It combines about 25,000 web portals including portals of 61 ministries, 345 governments departments, 7 administrative divisions, 64 districts and 4550 unions. It makes a common platform where citizen can easily navigate to concerned portals and get opportunities accessing to information and services.

1.1 Services link available from National Web Portal
1. Application form for Passport
2. Income tax registration
3. Online birth and death registration
4. Online Visa check action
5. Download link of all government form
6. e-health care
7. e-book
8. Online Agriculture Call Centre
9. e-tender and e-GP
10. Application form for driving license

2. Union Digital Center and Union Web Portal
Union Council is the lowest local government unit in Bangladesh. We have total 4550 Union Councils in our country. Each Union Council has a web portal and a Union Digital Centre (UDC). UDC is directed by two entrepreneurs, one is male and another is female. Government decorates UDC with two laptops, internet modems with SIM, multimedia projector, photocopier, camera, printer, etc. It is a public private partnership; Government has made UDC supported with all modern ICT based equipment and it is operated by two entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs of UDC run maintain and update Union web portal.

2.1 Services given by Union Web Portal
Union Council web portal has published its organization, composition, budget, five year plans, tax policy, periodical report on tax collection, citizen charter, annual development plan, status of developmental works, profile of Chairman and Councilors, its communication map, infrastructure and way of communication, its population regarding each village, tourist spot. Here is some sector based services for the citizens published by Union Web Portal.

2.1.1 Agriculture
1. List of fertilizer dealers within the union
2. Information on food productions
3. Agriculture Information Service (AIS)

2.1.2 Lands
1. Union Land Office
2. Information regarding lands
3. Major functions of land office

2.1.3 Health Services
1. Hospital / Health Centers
2. List of health workers
3. List of health programs

2.1.4 Educational institutes and other institutes
1. List of Schools, colleges and madrashas
2. Bank and other financial organizations
3. Insurances
4. Non-governmental organization (NGO)
5. Mosques, Churches other religious institutes

2.1.5 Social safety net programs
1. List of poorest citizens
2. Vulnerable group feeding (VGF)
3. Motherhood allowances
4. Forty days’ work creation programs
5. Test relief
6. Local Governance Support Project II (LGSP II)
7. Freedom fighter allowance
8. Older people allowance
9. Disabilities allowance

Rudaghara Union Parishad is one of 4550 Union Councils situated in Dimuria Upazila, Khulna District. The web portal of Rudaghara Union Parishad is http://rudaghoraup.khulna.gov.bd/.

2.2 Union Digital Centre
Peoples have a direct access to each Union Digital Centre. It has provided opportunities to the citizens easy and cost effectively access trade information and services that affect their daily lives. At present, a farmer in a distant location can find out about appropriate fertilizer and pesticide use for his crops; a victim of domestic violence can access information on legal measures; a villager can apply for his land records, and people living from distant part of a backward village can access banking services from Union Digital Centre.

2.2. 1 Services given by Union Digital Centre
1. Public examination results
2. Government forms download
3. VGD/VGF card database
4. Online university admission
5. Data Entry
6. Birth and death registration
7. Trade information
8. Employment information
9. Visa processing /visa form printing
10. E-mail and Internet browsing
11. Video conferencing
12. Mobile Banking

Government of Bangladesh and its various institutions are now offering a lot of online services through their web portals. It has increasing more citizen engagement in governance. It also facilitates more efficient and effective service delivery to the citizens.” – Md. Aminul Islam – Khagrachari Sadar, Bangladesh


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