Learner’s Submission: Fighting Corruption

“Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon which is fundamentally due to the lack of ethical behaviors. I think firmly that this problem is the most important factor that makes our country among the third world countries, given that most developed countries managed to eradicate corruption relatively.

So, how can we root out such a serious problem that is still threatening our economy and society?

First of all, I believe that making a reform starts by changing thoughts rather than behaviors, in other words: people in general and workers in particular should be sensitized about the seriousness of corruption, furthermore, Secondly, there’re various circumstances that provoke corruption, take for example the lack of anti-corruption associations which are the most important element that can participate in fighting corruption. So, such associations should be encouraged by the government in order to disclose the activities of criminal organizations and corrupt workers.

Thirdly, there’re several forms of corruption, the most spread one is bribery, and one could argue that bribery can be sometimes a necessity rather than a form of corruption.

In short, fighting bribery is not only the duty of government, nor is it only the duty of anti-corruption associations; it’s also the duty of every honest citizen who wants to participate in building his country.

The stated about corruption in another state. Censorship either done their job or been accused of corruption and become a casualty of the ever matter. We have faith that the first collective will is the only way in promoting our country and our people and making a better life and the dignity of the nation and citizens. I call upon every lover of the nation to look at Georgia and its revolution.

This new report by the World Bank today called the fight against corruption in public services, he said: history of reforms in Georgia Georgia’s experience in the fight against corruption has achieved a unique success and can be adapted many of its aspects and its application in the country face similar challenges in tackling corruption pervasive in the public services.

The report tried to answer questions about the experience since the Rose Revolution witnessed by Georgia in 2003, through case studies built on data taken from selected elements of the equipment on public services, and the IRS, customs, power supplies, and government actions Organization for Doing Business, civil and public records, and tests to qualify for the University, and municipal services, as well as interviews with government officials, current and former.

The report noted that the measures that the government began to be taken in the framework of packets policy and zero tolerance led to a severe contraction in the spread of bribery in different public services with the approach of most indicators now from levels that have become the European country most advanced were bribes necessary to get the most services public, such as extracting a driver’s license or passport, as well as to register property or start-up companies or building homes or join one of the public universities.

The report emphasized that inclusive and bolder, and rhythm and sequence of reforms to make Georgia a unique story shattered the myth that a culture of corruption, and gave hope for all policy-makers, government officials and citizens who are affected by the problem in many countries aspiring to cleanse the public services sector.

I see that citizens have a very important role in anti-corruption. Awareness Georgian government used a wide-range media campaign, public debates, were adults and criminals officials arrested, and placed signs along highways carry phone numbers to call in case of corruption, was used for technology efficiently in order to facilitate communication between the administrator and the citizen, as well as to follow up and to ensure accountability, and to confirm the idea that no one is above the law, and also confirmed that the government is serious about the decisions taken, have been achieving some of the goals which earned the people’s trust in the government’s work.

That civil society is possible that the constructive roles to monitor corruption cases, and that corruption is not just a money laundering or tax evasion, and corruption is facing the specter of the Egyptian citizen in his daily life. That will lead to engagements in society reform; improving the quality of civil society’s policy dialogue with Parliaments; and monitor progress of their implementation. This is why you, representatives of civil society, are so incredibly vital to the success of the Partnership.” – Ali Adel Ali Ali Ibrahim – Dakhlia , Egypt


  • Website : nbe.com , ANNUAL REPORTS
  • Fighting corruption in public services [electronic resource] : chronicling Georgia’s reforms
  • Transparency International: Georgia 51st in 2012 Corruption

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