Learner’s Submission: Online Public Service in India

” Yes, my country, India has made online public service in different segments of the society.  Now a days the Government of India takes lot of initiatives itself and jointly with other organizations as well.  Nowadays, lot of collaborative approaches are found in our country for electronic form of public service.  In public distribution system as well, it is found for the common masses of India including the whole world.  At present, we are getting lot of information from different Government Departments in the form of news, reports, bulletin etc. publicly.  As a result, we, the people of India are aware of knowing different information regarding our republic India.

In every year when the budget report is published by the Government for our social development of the nation countrywide, the people may know the information regarding this at the earliest electronically in different Government websites.  There are lot of wings of Government Departments in our independent India and they are publishing the important reports and also updating the information for the masses of India from time to time.  Any kind of information when updated by the concerned officials, it is published rapidly through websites of their concerned Government Departments nowadays.  As a result, the citizens of India are getting updated by information and now I do believe that there can’t be knowledge gap for information from both sides i.e. by the Government as well as the citizens of India.

On the other hand, the electronic form of Government Departments of India has arranged for query resolution system through their websites and these system takes the feedback also from the people of India.  As for example, If any employee of a private company would like to know his balance of Providend Fund (EPF) in any moment of time, he/she can raise a query through the Employees Providend Fund website of India for his query resolution.  Apart from this, he/she may also raise query/grievance for the settlement of his Employees Pension Scheme (EPS) amount if the settlement amount is not refunded properly.

At present, all the Government Departments of India are trying to update their information sharing through electronic formation but sometimes it is getting failed due to some abnormal scenarios like inadequacy of funding, ill-infrastructure of establishments, untrained human resource, insufficiency of workers etc.  But still the Governments (Central and State) are trying to resolve all these problems as much as they can and fixing a target level achievement periodically for the development of electronic form of establishment for the common masses of India.

In this way, we, the people of India is getting facilitated by the electronic form of Governments either Central or State and we are happy nowadays by standing in this present era of civilization and it is really desirable from our Indian Government Departments for electronic formation of all Government Departments at the existing age of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization.” – Tapas Kumar Debnath, West Bengal, India


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