Learner’s Submission: Social Media Channels Used by Government of India

“Our Government of India is using lot of social media channels nowadays for spreading the news from different corners for the citizens of India as well as for the whole world.  It can be mentioned over here like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.  Anyone can also create a personal blog in these social media channels for his/her communication in general.  As for example, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal is maintaining a personal profile and giving lot of important messages for the people of West Bengal.  The said Hon’ble Minister is not only giving important messages, but also providing good suggestion to the people in emergency situation like the natural calamity of earthquake, flood, heavy storm etc.  So the social media channels are very beneficial nowadays and the popularity is increasing day by day.

Lot of good administrators of India and VIP and VVIP personnel are using these social media channels for their message to the concerned people at the existing era of communication.  They are highlighting their important voices through these social media channels so that the large number of common masses can easily know the information within a very short span of time and may initiate action for the said voice, if required from time to time.  It is highly desirable for the people at this time and we cannot think about the lack of information from any corner as we are living in the world of information technology.

Strategic Intelligence is a tool which is used for analyzing or collecting or disseminating the intelligence from time to time and it needs to be communicated also for the group of people who are actually going to initiate any action plan for the sake of national or international level.  Of late, it’s use is highly observed in case of military communication in defence ministry of the Government of India.  Hence, the Government is trying to motivate the citizens of India to use the social media channels specially for safety measures of any place or establishment or property so that everything can be safeguarded in the easiest manner and if any abnormal scenarios found, anyone can communicate with the concerned personnel or authority for handing such type of situation as soon as possible through these communication channels.

Though it is an open source media of communication through network operation, but still it is the only source of inspiring people to be attached with the information world for gathering abstract information rapidly.  These social media channels provide the scope of collecting and analyzing the fact on the basis of information provided and can lead the people to make appropriate decision in a lucid manner in time bound scenarios.

So the social media channels are the only basis/routes/avenues through which not only people can be safeguarded among themselves, but also the people can create an environment for sustainable measures in the near future.  It is a very popular media of communication which subserves the common goal of the people as well as of the Government of a country.  Hence the importance of social media channels is very much remarkable in communicating diversification among people of the world.” – Tapas Kumar Debnath – West Bengal, India.

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