Learner’s Submission: Social Media Channels Used by Ethiopian Government and its Importance

“Now a days social media is one of commonly used words as various social Medias are getting more popular. We can define social media as a group of internet based application through which individuals, groups, governments or other entities share pictures, videos, music, send messages, and email to each other. Consequently, those features helped to overcome the limitation of other media and dearth of media content diversity encountered citizens to blog, chat, and use other user generated contents. For the reason of its quality, simplicity, immediacy and other unique feature it composes, people prefer it. Actually, becoming more superior compared to other media channels.

The need for better way of living within advanced information and communication technology incited the society to look for vital information. Where those information are about their country as well as phenomenon happening worldwide. So to fulfill the need of its citizen, Ethiopian internet service provider Ethiotelecom is working hard by allocating huge resources. This support to realize the goals targeted on GTP.

Particularly, social Medias like Facebook, YouTube, twitter and Skype are widely used in the country. Others like Gmail, Yahoo mail, online news of different stations, online newspapers, and online magazines are also popular, but not for youths as previously mentioned sites. Majority of users are youngsters where they support or oppose ideas, post images and videos implying diverse issues which allow them to express their feeling (emotion). By realizing its significant advantage plus mind-blowing nature, non-government institutions such as Banks and government institutions are using web based sites to address their services, to render their services and to get comment on the services they provide. In addition, to inform its citizens regarding new technologies. For instance, as reported by Addis Fortune “The Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA) introduced a web-based customs valuation database, replacing its previous CD-based valuation for the price of commodities”. Generally, issues related to social, economic and political condition of the country are started to be addressed to the people in recent years by means of the above listed social Medias.

Importance of social media channels to the Ethiopians was very significant. First of all, information on social media are fresh or on time. In their characteristics social Medias are the best in supplying information quickly. This means that you are not forced to wait an hour to listen to news if you missed it. Secondly, to be informed about phenomenon that happens worldwide through pictures or videos which are not maybe reported on TV because of age consideration or disturbing images. Thirdly, it also used for promotion purpose. Companies advertise the services they render and products they produced to the vast users through those internet based apps. Now a days social Medias are becoming suitable destination for advertising entities to catch the eye of intermediate and ultimate customers. Prominent social Medias generate large amount of revenue from advertising products of organization ranging from small ones to the multinational organizations.

To sum up, while the core beneficiaries are citizens, social Medias facilitated knowledge transfer from generation to generation. Still Ethiopian government is working hard to satisfy the thirst of its nation by implementing advanced information and communication technology directing attention mainly to internet and mobile services by provision of vital knowledge source for strengthening development and growth line the state has taken so far.” – Ashebir Nigussie – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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