Learner’s Submission: Human Resource Capacity Development with the Development Vision of Belize

“Skills, training and human resources development are the key aspect of economics life. It does not really matter which part of the world we come from and which form of government or institutions a country possesses.  Investing on people is the greatest asset any country or institutions can possess. Human resources capacity development is the only non-rival variable that contributes to growth and towards a countries social prosperity index. Nevertheless, it is my observation that the political influence, doubts the genuine benefits that investing in these areas can bring. In practice human resources capacity development is phenomenal that varies in content and structure, from country to country. Hence, Belize as country with vast resources and a bright future ahead must strongly adapt to the ever changing world. This can only be achieved by the leaders (managers) of our society. With that been said, the top leaders of our society must align human resource capacity development with the development vision of a country.

Basically, each and every citizen must contribute to the Horizon 2030 in Belize. The Horizon 2030 embodies the vision for Belize in the year 2030 and the core values that are to guide citizen behavior and inform the strategies to achieve this common vision for the future. It represents the consolidated views of many stakeholders.

Belize itself is facing many challenges due to globalization and rapid economic growth. This essay is intended for those willing to grow, think and work different in human resources capacity development. This serves as guide for mapping out a plan of action for aligning and implementing a new agenda for connecting the human resource function transformation, providing important information about what trends and issues which should prompt human resource capacity development transformation.

Globalization, as a predominant force of economic expansion, offers anew vista of opportunities and challenges. That, in turn, requires changes in decisions and practices at all levels of policy-making, industrial production, and skill training and education. To cope with technological advancements and market changes. Invariably, the development of human resources ranks high on the agenda in the Belize economy. Capacity building becomes a prime issue in developing human resources so that each sector and industry can best tap the opportunities offered in globalization. This can on be achieved by nurturing human resource capacity development within the Small and medium enterprises (SME). There is, therefore, a pressing need to rebuild the competitive edge of the SMEs.

Although the literacy rate as per United National Development Programme in Belize was 94.7% in 2006. Many people are poor and lack the knowledge and expertise that education can offer.  The country must implement a plan of action which involves many educational projects to enhance and increase Belizeans critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, leaderships skills etc . This can be categories as:

  • Institutional Training and Capacity Assessments
  • School Leadership Capacity Building
  • Education Study Tour Services
  • Public Administration Training

Commercial banks have branches in the larger towns; most small farmers have limited access to them. These institutions personnel resources are limited, particularly with regard to evaluation of credit applications; follow up of outstanding loans and supervision of new ones. These require different schedules, skills and reporting and are based on the type of borrower and project. In general, NGOs, cooperatives and credit unions are constrained by insufficient staff. Moreover, their managers spend a great deal of effort and time in internal administrative matters.

So it is prominent that there is a need for a formal structure in the agricultural lending sector. A central agricultural bank is needed urgently. This should be monitor by the Ministry of Agriculture and Central Bank of Belize. This “Agricultural Bank of Belize” (ABB) most consist of integrated credit department that work closely with its collaborators the agriculture industry. There is also a need Central Deposit of Insurance Cooperation (BCDIC) will be empowered by the deposit insurance act to handle deposits insurance, to examine insured lending institution, to assist lending institution with problem raised and to deal with status of insurance termination. The Belize Agriculture Credit Guarantee Fund should be established by the government. There is a need for an independence agent of inspection known as the Belize Financial Supervisory Commission (BFSC), should be establish to inspect all financial institutions in Belize.

The future is now and human resources have a bright future, if individuals are willing and able to take advantage. The practitioner needs to know and grasps the employment laws, rules and regulations of their nations. It is clear that human resources manager capacity development involves everyone, from economist, policy maker, politicians to and even the unemployed. The scope of human resources development is an interconnection with farmers, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and endogenous variables not visible because of globalization.  To shape and create true development one must be willing to implement the inexistence, educate and care for the small and medium enterprise which is a nation’s future and livelihood especially in Belize.” – Jeffy Gomez – Corozal Town, Belize


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