Learner’s Submission: Online Public Services in Ethiopia

“My country, Ethiopia, as an African country is lagging behind in terms of internet usage in general and online public services in particular. Not only is the internet penetration rate minimum, as is the case in many developing countries, but also it is concentrated in urban areas. However in recent years efforts are being made to bring more of online public services. Many government institutions are creating their presence online. This presence is manifested in many ways which includes creating their own official websites or joining social Medias like facebook and twitter. For instance the ministry of foreign affairs office plays an important role in providing the public online information about government activities through these social Medias. Among the most active online public services being provided banking services can be mentioned as an example. Apart from the fact that it has become easy to get information about banking services like foreign currency exchange, location of branches etc through online tools like social media, these days the banks themselves are engaged in providing more concrete online services like viewing account balances and transactions, making fund transfers between different accounts, effecting payments for third parties, applying for letter of credit and so on.  To get these services one needs to go to the official websites of the banks and create a user account by filling the forms there.  Getting information online and the internet banking services are the online public services I have been using So far.” – Yared Bushira – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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