Learner’s Submission: Social Media Channels Used by Nigerian Government


Social media is an instrument or channel of communication between two or more person irrespective of location. Social media is not in totality social network but more than that/ it is also social bookmarking, social news, social photo and video sharing and social networking which is in error used interchangeably with social media.

Basically any website that invites you to interact with the site which also has visitors /interactors falls into the category of social media.


I am a Nigerian, Nigeria is located in West Africa, and it is a country divided into 36regions refer to as states. It has a population of approximately 180,000,000 person. The government uses several social media channels, but the frequently used ones are Facebook, twitter, hi5, YouTube, LinkedIn.


Facebook is a social networking website were connecting with family and friends alike is made possible. The government uses Facebook to gain recognition and publicity on it corporate duties, product and services. Facebook is very important because it has a wide range of users, unlike the email which is more private, Facebook has less private audience as posts are usually viewed by more people. A user can view a post in a discussion even if he or she is not participating in the ongoing discussion as long as one has connection with either or both party known as friendship.

Facebook is also important to the government as the government uses it to publicize recruitment opportunity as well as aptitude test venue and time. The government also use Facebook to publicize their current activities as well as achievements. What makes Facebook important also is that people can respond to any information received and also make inquiries on issues that they may not be clear on.

The privacy or audience requirement; Facebook require acceptance of friend request sent and needs approval before connections can be approved, Facebook usage cut across professional academic and age limit so far the user is an adult; it does not matter if one in 18 or 80 in essence it has a large coverage of users gen y’ers and baby boomers alike. In my personal opinion I consider Facebook the most used or has the largest audience of the available social networks of social media.


Twitter is a short messaging platform, were user post messages which are called tweets, these tweets have a limited character allowed which make users to send several tweets at a time to allow for a communication to be made.  The government utilizes this website to give update on events, recruitment opportunity, and aptitude test etc.

Twitter is important as most smartphone users are on the twitter. Twitter connections are more public than the Facebook as Facebook require acceptance of friend request sent needs approval before connections can be approved, anyone is allowed to “follow”  on tweeter and anyone one chooses.

Another importance of the twitter is that the tweets i.e. the post or sent messages are delivered in good time which make information to be possibly utilized and acted upon in good and within the relevant period of time. These tweets once posted on tweeter website though may not be seen always are permanent because they are saved on the website which means they are searchable, one can thus say it’s a means of message storage. The usage of tweeter in my opinion is limited to a younger population (gen x’ers and y’ers) and not as much users as the Facebook.


LinkedIn is a type professional connection; it connect people in the area of their occupation.  These platform can avail information, ideas persons and services of relevance to the needful persons, these medium is important as government organization or agencies can utilize these platform to acquire and make placement according to professional relevance and qualifications.


YouTube is a video sharing website which allows people to watch and share created videos. Government organization share originally created videos from their activities, events or training to enlighten users. This plat form is important as the saying goes “seeing is believing” users will have a clear understanding as the information will be viewed practically.” – Bulus Patience H. – Minna, Nigeria

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