Learner’s Submission: Social Media Channels Used by Nigerian Government

“My Government here in Nigeria has adopted the use of few out of the many Social media channels. Listed below are some of the list as much as I can figure out.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn

In my opinion, I will analyze why they are important as thus.

FACEBOOK: Most government organizations now want to have more recognition and online presence. This is aside the Official Websites of such Organization. So Facebook becomes one of the major Social Media channel used by my government.

I consider Facebook important because of its feature that PROMOTES pages and SPONSORS posts. With this feature Facebook helps user to reach more audience and define the range of the audience to be reached.

This means also made it possible for feedbacks. FEEDBACK is a major thing to consider in any organization, body or agency. Facebook, makes the presence organization available to as many as will like the page or follow the page as the case may be.

Freedom of Information and speech is seen to be widely utilized by the followers of each page owner. It makes the Government evaluate the value of service provided by her body. It also provides the easiest way to reach the grassroots through this medium. There won’t be need to schedule any visit and meet up with the official demands to reach the governments.

This ultimately boost the online presence of government in my location here

TWITTER: Twitter has become another important social media by my government here. Its important because of the major function which is to send a short message which could be a news update or the latest information relating to the government. Larger percentage of the citizen here are actively functional on either Twitter or Facebook or both as the case may be. And the depth of networking provided by Twitter has made it important for the government. Especially in the case of election as it is the current occurrence in my country.

Each Presidential candidates made it a platform to deliver their manifestos. Individual’s agenda are propagated and each follower could rebroadcast it.

The networking involved bridge the gap in communication as seen in the course, Strategic Intelligence

LinkedIn: though I will personally say that my government has not fully migrated to this platform, but with the little percentage usage I observed as I believe is an opportunity to see the network of professionals career-wise and it quickly give information from the profile of the persons in the network.

Organization can thereby see through the networks of persons whose really inclined in adding service to the agencies belonging to the government. This platform also provides wide range of Job opportunity to millions of jobless individual and give a quick link to the latest available Job.

Conclusively, this platforms has been able to minimize the gap between the generations in the government of my country. A typical example of one of my country’s presidential candidate whose age is over 70years but still winning the heart of the youths, the Generation Y’er. To me this is a great importance.” – Oni Odunayo Johnson – Minna, Nigeria


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