Learner’s Submission: E-Government Uptakes

Untitled“After indexing the term E-government as Effective, Efficient and Engaging role of government makes use of the maximum attainment of the Information and Communication Technology assets into public service governance and its delivery towards citizens, next focus on usage perspective and the future aspects.

E-Government Readiness can be measured by – Foremost effective role of e-Government which provide Technical Infrastructure and its availability to get e-governance services –efficient role that shows user’s ability or skill to use e-government the facility given by digital infrastructure – An engaging role to provide no of online e-service delivery platforms and programs along with its full interoperatibility and interactiveness as online presence.

Main objective of e-government uptakes is to provide real assistance of public services and its ICT delivery towards citizens.   E-government uptakes can be shown as emerging challenges with two sides and its importance: supply side and demand side uptakes. The demand side of the equation presents scope of improvements while establishing e-services on the supply side. Supply side uptakes show investment on e-government with better Implementation of how public service delivery and its content reach to the citizens. E-government uptakes on supply side mainly focus on the areas or application which can generate high returns for sustainable development. Strategic Development leads to succeed in the e-government by not only considering the high end usage of e-services but it should gain actual benefit from that usage for citizens. Instead of focusing only supply side uptakes government needs to invest more in strengthening capacity building as a demand side uptakes for interactive Government to citizen as well as Citizen to Government e-service delivery and its extend usage to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability. Current situation needs to focus on the e-government uptakes by the citizens making the use of e-services and improving it to the greatest possible extend.

In process of e-government development the demand side of the equation shows emerging challenges of e-government usage, global efforts, policy suggestions to increase e-service uptakes towards citizen centric services which generate high returns on investment of e-government for sustainable development.” – Vishalkumar Ganatra – Gujarat State, India


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