Learner’s Submission: Social Media, Government Uses and Importance

“SOCIAL MEDIA is playing its tremendous role in world scenario comprising all levels of society like politics, governance, sports, people, education and cinema and not an exhaustive list. Communication Gap is fulfilled to a level between Government and public through social media.

A questions rise what is  Social media ?

A common definition can we laid down that a open communication platform which uses internet as medium and other communication channel frames body of social media.

Now  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube  and   whatapp  in general persona and T.V. &  Radio in a broader view also part of social media network channel.

When we take a view upon country like India having million fold population and geographic limitations social medial plays a vital role in governance aspect. Two Points should be in discussion

  • Why Social media important in INDIA?
  • What are the social media channels used by Govt.


Following points emerges on this question as importance.

  1. Policy distribution channel.- On social media policies and new initiatives is easy to circulate in public, who is using frequently social media now the days  within a span of short time for government . Because it not easy for everyone to connect with govt. officials and let him know what government doing.
  2. Instant Feed back Mechanism :- Social media allows a person to react or to give a feed back on what is circulating on it which gives a raw data to government about his actions or initiatives. Any one can imagine a post like or comments on facebook or trending charts on Twiiter on any current issues.
  3. Eliminating Mediators :- Many time it appears that what is to be said is not published or communicate as it should be communicate to the public. Which lead to confusion or intention is lost .Social media lays a platform to say what you want to say in a effective and timely manner.
  4. Critical Evaluation:- Ruling Government policies should be critical evaluated and social media gives a platform where it could happen in a well manner.
  5. Transparency, voluminous reach, easy to access and much more are the other benefits which show a valuable position of social media in current good governance vision.



  • Facebook & Twitter becomes the mostly used platform by government and its ministries to connect with the people. Ministries are advised to show presence on social media sites like facebook and twitter to let the people know about policies and new initiative of government in public interest. Example like PMO INDIA(official), Ministry of railway-India ,ministry of external affairs and ministries of information and broadcasting marking their official presence on facebook.


  • Whats App is an another useful mobile app utility showing salient presence on an effective governance scenario. In Many cities government official, polices and other public officer are using what app based grievance mechanism, which let them to know the grievance in a fast and speedy manner and to step ahead to fix it.
  • Doordarshan and channel like Gyan Darshan also accompanying other social media channel to achieve the goal of good governance. Program Like Krishi Darshan on Doordarshan provides experts advice on farmers queries.
  • Youtube channel is using by agriculture department to educate farmers through webcasting agriculture based episodes. Which allow the farmers to learn at their own time and place.


After considering above points we can conclude that social media is an effective platform and  tool also  for any organization whether government or non government to connect with people, share information with them and to let the people know  what is going on in their  interest.

It is an evolutionary platform. If used in a effective manner and properly with due –diligence.” – Praveen Shanker Sharma – Rajasthan, India


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