Learner’s Submission: Namibia Online Government A Dream Within Reach


At this point in time The Government of the Republic of Namibia has and offers a very subtle Government Portal whereby Citizens, Businesses and related stakeholders can access Information about the country and also through a singular function of e-service acquire their Grade 10 and 12 examinations results. There are links to other Government Agencies and Departments as well allowing citizens to access Information that relate.

This is a step in the right direction to ‘’online Government’’ however online government can only be successful when it comprises of all necessary e-services ,functions that makes it worthy of the term  online government which suggests that all those requisite Information and services are implemented and functioning for the benefit of the citizens Online Government as defined by UNPAN to be “the extension of internal government information systems in the internet age in order to reach government customers , including businesses and citizens” without a minimum set of mature internal government information systems it will be difficult to achieve substantive outcomes from government online , without information systems that can support outward business , the best way would be to have online information services linked to government websites with their own information systems.

At this point in time the government portal of the republic of Namibia has one particular e-service but the rest are links to Information pages /Agencies with information on where to get certain information and government services.

The government of the Republic of Namibia has initiated a strategic action plan for e-government to be completed and implemented by the year 2018.

If this is successful we as citizens businesses and stakeholders will benefit from the change from traditional ways of government to an online one

Main Body

If the republic of Namibia at some point on time comes to enjoy online government I would like to see the following functions.

Citizen and Resident Portal

Online Enquiries

As a function it can allow users to request for information or enquire on other services provided by government/Agencies/Department thus reducing Queues and travel costs for citizens because administrators of systems will just be able to reply with messages and steps to follow for their needs to be satisfied.

Online Blog

A platform for citizens to interact with each other regarding certain fields of interest e.g. economic stability, healthcare or education Herein Government can also on a first hand basis .

Access to Government Knowledge Base

A central warehouse of information that allows users to on demand access data/Information on areas identified by government as being most significant to know , this will contribute to a more knowledgeable society in my country.`

Electronic Payment Systems

Here by choice citizens can electronically settle accounts, pay debts and services of government online ,Through other web links Agencies and government departments can also Pay employees, refund and conduct other monetary transactions.

Typical Information

Typical Information needed by citizens on a day to day basis regarding and understanding government this could be:

  • Directories of services & organizations
  • Information to facilitate their understanding of Entitlements
  • Legislative Information
  • Annual Reports and Strategic Plans

Here /there will be e-services for your average citizen and resident ranging from ranging from an examinations results page to obtaining national Identity card, a user can for example scan certified documents necessary and upload them to the database of the agency. Department in charge administrators could then  receive this application , process it and when it is ready the citizen can be notified on where to go pick it up.

Business Sub portal  

Hereby Individuals will be able to register their businesses online and also submit yearly Business Tax documents in addition to these e-services .there will be related Information and regulations for businesses.


For informatization and public services online to be effective the Government will need to actively participate with citizens in all public affairs & make substantive inputs in policy decisions, this is now made possible by government websites  and email.

This dream lies in the decisions our leaders make and in the ICT literacy of the Country also for Government Online to be realized in Namibia there needs to be Sufficient IT infrastructure to back it up as well as constant Innovation of modern technology to make the experiences of us Citizens more effective and Government Services More efficient.” – Simeon Aupokolo – Windhoek, Namibia

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