Learner’s Submission: Online Public Service in Lithuania

“I live in Lithuania. Lithuania is small country in Eastern Europe, although it is small, but online public services are widespread.

One of the most used public online services is tax declaration. Online tax declaration portal is online for a couple of years now. When I was using it for the first time it was really a challenge.

First of all I had to download some free software to be able to fill various needed forms.

Secondly I had to find out online what forms do I had to fill and download them one by one to my personal computer. After that the filling began. I do not remember exactly how long did it take, but it was quite a long operation. Since that time the portal has evolved, now the user to fill the tax declaration form has to do the following steps:

  • Connect to the online tax declaration portal (one can do that through online banking system, digital certification center or from another government portal called “Valdžios vartai” (Government gates). Connection through bank a few years ago was the only option to ensure authentication of the user.).
  • The tax declaration is easily found on the main page, it is even filled will all necessary information, user has only to check if it is right.
  • After checking the information a single mouse click and the tax declaration is submitted. If there would be any errors or some information has to be clarified the user will receive an e-mail into the mailbox provided in portal.

In the same portal one can submit also other different documents. Personally I am just submitting tax declaration and request to transfer 2% of the income tax to public organization. Also there is different area for juridical persons.

It is really nice to see that online service are not just made and left as it is, but they are being improved over time and more and more features that are nice to have are becoming reality”.  Dmitrijus Chocenka- Vilnius, Lithanua


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