Learner’s Submission: Principles of E-Government in India

“I live in Rajasthan, a state known for its heritage and culture in India. Rajasthan is a progressive state and offers many online public services. The main portal of the Government of Rajasthan is – http://rajasthan.gov.in

The state government website portal provides all the information regarding the state like – state profile, district profile, departments under the state government with website links (if separate from the original). The following online services are offered here –

1.)    Rajasthan Sampark service: – A grievance/feedback/complaint registration service where the grievances/complaints/feedback regarding any department under the Government of Rajasthan is taken & acted upon.

2.)    RSRTC Online booking: – A service which is used to book bus tickets for travel. RSRTC is Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation. I have used this feature some time back. This has also has the ability for us to book bus tickets with seat preference(window seat/ double seat/triple seat, etc)

3.)    E-mitra is fully online platform which enables us to pay various government fees/payments of bills to government companies (telephone/electricity etc.)

The land registration department offers by online – under the name Apna Khata provides authenticated information about the ownership details by entering details. I have used them to get information to guide my relative in purchasing land by confirming details online. The website of Stamps department shows the DLC rates of the land in various places which is a guide in getting an idea of the actual costs of the property before buying.

The contact details of officers, head of departments etc are given which serves the purpose of an updated online telephone/e-mail directory accessible from any computer.

As India is a country where agriculture contributes in GDP and development, so there is an online service to access the present Agricultural Market prices, so that the small farmers can know the exact/approx. Prices of Agricultural products in the market with the help of this service

In addition to this, Government of India also provides a variety of centrally powered online services to states including Rajasthan. These are:

  • IRCTC– The name stands for Indian Railway Catering Corporation. This website is the single largest online platform to book train tickets. I have used it multiple times till now. It can be accessed at: http://www.irctc.co.in
  • Income Tax efilling– To file Income tax returns online with the Income Tax Department of Government of India.
  • MCA portal (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) – For incorporation of company*/LLP* online – *Digital signature is needed for the same.
  • Intellectual Property Office – For registration of intellectual property rights application relating to Trademarks, Patents or Geographical designs etc.
  • Copyright office – For registration of Copyrights online.

In addition to the above, mostly all government agencies also offer the facility for online application for examinations conducted for the recruitment to various posts in various departments of the government.

A variety of online services are offered by the Government of India. These online services are offered either with a Public Private model or the concerned department’s IT cell. Many of them are used by me and in case of need; the others explained can also be used when required” Ankit Singh Gehlot-Rajasthan, India



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