Learner’s Submission: E-Government Interoperability in India

“With rapidly increasing information technology infrastructure in the country and across the globe, the government of India has also adopted the IT framework for it proceedings. There are various services launched online under National E-Governance Plan for different Ministries and Departments by State as well as Central Government.

Some of the services which I have used in recent days along with my experience have been provided below:

  1. http://irctc.co.in : This is the portal of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Development Corporation under Ministry of Railway, Government of India. It provides services like reservation and cancellation of berth and seats on different trains, booking of government rest house, booking of flight and many more. The best part is even in tatkal hour between 0930 IST to 1230 IST, the website is provided with a light weight version which provides with faster interfaces as the load on the server is heavy in this period. Also this website has very efficient services of payment gateways.  In case of failed transactions and cancellations, the money is reverted back to account in a fixed time frame.
  2. (http://gad.bih.nic.in ): This is the portal of General Administration Department, Government of Bihar State. It provides regular and tatkal services for Residential, Caste and Income certificates. This has clearly reduced the time required earlier without the online service.
  3. https://rtionline.gov.in/ : This is a portal of Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India. It’s an online implementation of Right to Information Act, 2005. Here you can file an RTI or first appeal for the main Ministries and Departments of Government of India located at New Delhi and can also track the progress of application. It has reduced the time wasted for submitting the application and further proceedings through postal services.
  4. http://eci.nic.in : This is the portal of Election Commission of India. This website is provided with all ort of services related to Elections including voter registration, filling out nominations for contesting election, search engine for finding the poll information in specific constituencies, etc. It also provides all sorts of claims and objections including the Manifesto of National Parties. It has really provided a convenient way to register as a voter. It earlier took a long time to enrol as voter, which now take just less than a week.
  5. https://www.epostoffice.gov.in : This is the portal of Indian Department of Post. It provides services like buying and paying premium of Postal Life Insurance, Electronic Money Transfer, etc. This service is really interesting as it reminds you of premium, status of money transfer or tracking speed post consignments and many more.

Apart from these services which I have used, there are many services like http://incometaxindia.gov.in/ which provide us to fill the income tax and returns online through the portal, http://data.gov.in provides us with the Open Government Data of Indian Government and also involve citizen at all its services and suggestions. In India, a country such big, these are just a few services hosted online and requires more to get online still. With several Acts passed by Central Government in recent few years mandates many of the services to come online for the convenience of the citizens” Suraj Kumar Navi-Mumbai, India



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