Learner’s Submission: My Use of Online Public Services of Tamilnadu State, India

“Tamilnadu is a progressive state of India. The e-governance is offered at the Sub National level in the state besides the National level e-governance.

I have experience the online public services at http://www.tn.gov.in recently and wish to explain about it.

The state website offers the downloadable formats for application for issue of birth certificates, income certificates, community certificates, land ownership certificate etc from government authorities. I have downloaded them and used them for applying at various circumstances recently. It has saved time for getting them in proper format from vendors and government offices.

The land registration department offers by online – an authenticated information about guideline values for registration of purchased land, the ownership details of survey number of villages and encumbrance on land ownership. This is useful to have this transparent information and save time for getting them. I have used them to guide my relatives while purchasing a residential land.

The Government Orders and Acts of Public Interest are posted in government website. I have down loaded them in various circumstances and used them to know the  information and procedures to be followed.

The Chief Ministers Grievance Redressal is online and I have posted the requests online and have followed the status online.

The Minister and the Officers Contact Details of state and district level is available in the website of the state government and is useful in getting them through internet for various communications. The maps up to block level are available in the sub national website in a downloadable form which is useful for thematic presentation in my job.

The schemes implemented by the department for socio economic development is available in the state website. I have understood the schemes through the website. The electoral role updating is available through online application. The Election authorities receive application online and verify it through regular verification and update the electoral role. Recently I got my National Identity Card (Aadhar) available with details online. My Iris and Finger prints were captured along with Photograph. Thus online public services offered are experienced by me at various instances giving a good feel about e-governance.” – Samuel Inbadurai – Tamilnadu, India


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