Learner’s Submission: Role of Common Service Centres (CSC) in Puducherry Union Territory

“Under the National E-governance Plan consist of 31 mission mode projects (MMP) classified as below.

  • Central mission mode projects (11)
  • State mission mode projects(13)
  • Integrated mission mode projects(7)

Common service centres is an integrated Mission Mode Project which aims at providing high quality services under Government to citizen(G2C), Government to business (G2B), Government to Government( G2G) in a cost effective manner. Approval of common services centre was given in may 2006.

With the help of the SWAN (state wide area network), SDC (state data centre) the CSC are delivering the services.

SWAN aims at providing a minimum bandwidth of 2Mbps transferring data voice and video communications throughout the network. SWAN POP(point of presence) helps in vertical and horizontal connectivity.

The Puducherry Government, through the Department of Information Technology created   a road map with the implementation of the Common Services Centre’s scheme for the Union Territory with the consultation support of the appointed National Level Service Agency (NLSA) by the Department of Information Technology, Government of India to roll out 66 CSC’s.

This scheme was planned to be implemented by PPP framework (Public-Private Partnership) with village level entrepreneur (VLE) will be the CSC operators, Service Centre Agency (SCA) is Tera Software Limited. The Puducherry E-Governance society is the State Designated Agency (SDA).

Puducherry union territory comprises of four regions.

  • Puducherry
  • Karaikal
  • Mahe
  • Yanam

At present 56 CSC have been rolled out comprising all the four regions.

Services provided by the CSC for the citizen

  • Issue of birth certificate
  • Issue of death certificate
  • Issue of patta copy

At a nominal cost.

The certificates issued by these centres can be verified by the verification code provide at the end of the certificate issued. The verification can be done online at the hyperlink given below http://puduvaisevai.py.gov.in/revenue/ECOnlineVerification.aspx .

The common service centres are classified as rural and urban centres. More rural centres are envisaged when compared to that of urban centres. The list of address of the various CSC their location is given in the state portal website https:// www.py.gov.in. Which was developed and designed by the national informatics centre, Puducherry.” – Prabhu Djeapragassam – Puducherry, India


1) http://deity.gov.in/content/common-services-centers


3) http://dit.puducherry.gov.in/pages/DIT_ProjectStatus.html


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