Learner’s Submission: Online Admission at Universities of Bangladesh

“As a developing country Bangladesh is entering into digital world. Online admission process is a new addition of ICT and Education sector. Public and private universities, colleges have started online admission process. Before this system students have to visit place to place to collect forms, money receipts. Online admission process has reduced these hassles.  Students can do these jobs from home now.

  • Submission of Online Application

Firstly, an applicant shall have to submit a properly filled online application form via the online submission system available through the University/college website within the stipulated time period. A recently taken passport size color photograph and the signature (either scanned or photographed) shall have to be uploaded (preferably in the JPG format) at the appropriate place of the submission form. No illegibility or deformation is allowed in the photograph and signature.

A “Preview of Application” page of the duly completed application form with photograph and signature will appear when the “Preview” button is clicked. Information given in the application form can be edited, if necessary, by clicking the “Update” button. The corrected application form with clear photograph and signature can then be submitted finally by clicking the “Submit” button.

The successful submission of the application form will generate a confirmation page where an Application Serial number and other relevant instructions will be given. A PDF version of the “Receipt of Application” will be generated automatically when the “Download Receipt of Application” button  of the confirmation page is clicked. The applicant should take a print out of this “Receipt of Application” and keep it safe.

  • Payment of Application Fee through SMS

The applicant must pay the application fee through SMS according to their respective group. The applicant shall have to go to the SMS option of the Teletalk (Government Mobile Operator) pre-paid mobile service and follow the procedure given in website.

If the SMS has been sent correctly, a return SMS message with the name of the applicant, and an identification number (PIN) will be sent to the Teletalk mobile from which the SMS has been sent and also to the applicant’s mobile number that has been provided in the application form. In this return message, the applicant will also be asked to proceed with the payment.

  • Collection of Money Receipt

If an applicant sends the fee for application, he/she can download a PDF version of the money receipt by clicking the “Download Money Receipt” link at the website and then print it.

  • Submission of Necessary Documents by Applicants
  • Collection of Admit Card: After declaring the list of eligible applicants for the admission test, an eligible applicant can download the admit card for the Admission Test from the website by clicking the link “Download Admit Card.

The online admission system has saved student’s time and cost. The use of  ICT in different sectors initiating new era in Bangladesh.” – Khan Md. Hasanuzzaman – Dhaka, Bangladesh


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