Learner’s Submission: District ‘E-Service Center’ at Deputy Commissioner’s Offices of Bangladesh

“District ‘E-Service center’ is a new additon of district admimistration . To reduce public harassment ‘E-Service center’ has been established . All Deputy Commissioner’s office of Bangladesh has started District ‘E-Service center’. People are getting different types of services from here like porcha , khotian , nokol ( types of land record) etc.

How to submit letters and applications :

  • Directly: Direct letters and applications are received through counter and then scanned. Applicant’s name , address , phone number , e – mail ( if any) , National Identity Card No. ( if any)  and other data  are also recoded. Then it is sent online to the concerned officials. Applicant gets a receipt with a ID number. People can find the progress of the matter throuh this number.
  • By mail: People send their application by mail. Entry process is same as mentioned before. Applicant gets ID number through mobile SMS or email.
  • Internet:There are links in District Information Portal, through which people can submit applications. They have to fill a form using link. After submitting form they get notification. They also receive ID number through mobile SMS . People can use this service from everywhere , where internet is available. In rural areas people get this service from UISC*.

Next steps after application :

After getting applications , concerned officials take necessary steps for quick delevary. Officials can see how many applications are pending on their dashboard. Using applicant’s informations ( JL number , dag number etc ) , the original papers are find out .Then those data are recorded using ‘oscs’ software . This is a tough job. When a paper recrod is digitalized, data are stored in server. After completing of duplicate land records, applicants are informed through mobile SMS. In this way, many years old paper data are being digitalized.

These services have reduced people’s time and cost. People had to visit offices many times for land records earlier. But now they have to come once or twice. District ‘E-Service center’ has changed old ideas .” – Khan Md. Hasanuzzaman – Dhaka, Bangladesh

[*UISC-Union Information and Services Centers (UISC) are newly established one-stop service outlets operating at all 4,501 Union Parishads (UP, lowest tier of local government) of the country. Through use of ICT, UISC is able to bring various types of information related to government, livelihood and private services to the doorstep of citizens in rural areas. It ensures services providers and users to save time, cost and has made operations hassle free. Operating under the Public-Private-Peoples’ Partnership (PPPP) modality, these centers are run by local entrepreneurs, hosted by UPs and supported by central administration.]


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