Learner’s Submission: Online Public Service in Nigeria

  • The online public service been discussed here is the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria – YOUWIN program.
  • This program initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria is been undertaken as collaboration between the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Youth Development, Ministry of Women of Affairs and Social Development and is been implemented in partnership with the private sector who will provide financial support.
  • This joint effort will launch of an annual innovative business plan competition for aspiring young entrepreneurs in Nigeria in line with the federal government drive to create jobs for Nigerians.
  • It is aimed at supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youths in Nigeria to develop and execute business ideas. The objectives of the program are to
  • Attract ideas and innovations of young entrepreneurial aspirants from Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics, Technical Colleges and other Post Secondary Institutions in Nigeria.
  • Provide one time equity grant for 1,200 selected aspiring entrepreneurs per batch to start or expand their business concepts and mitigate startup risks.
  • Generate 80,000 to 110,000 new jobs for currently unemployed Nigerian youths.
  • Provide training support for successful winners.
  • Encourage expansion and specialization of existing businesses in Nigeria.
  • Enable young entrepreneurs to access a wide array of professional network to improve their visibility.
  • Interested Participants are expected to logon on to the website at http://www.youwin.org.ng. This is easy to access from any computer device that has an internet connection.
  • On Home Page, Click Register to Access the Personal Information Page. On this page you are expected to enter the following information
    • Email Address
    • Names and Surname
    • Sex, Age and Phone Numbers
    • Address, Local Government and State of Origin
    • Business Location and Qualification.
  • After data has been entered, the user clicks submit to register the users data
  • Then Click the Proposal Tab and enter the details of the proposed business idea and Submit. Close the site and await further instructions as will be communicated to you by YOUWIN via email.
  • The age group as classified by the government to benefit from this program is between 18 to 40 Years.
  • Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs within this age bracket have been given special consideration. The second edition of the program was open to only women.
  • The program commences with a Presidential Launch, followed by the first stage when applications are opened to interested participants. After they are screened, successful candidates are notified and training is organized for them.
  • This is followed by the second stage when applications are opened to another batch of interested participants. Screening takes place and successful candidates are notified and training is organized for the second batch.
  • This is finalized by a Presidential Award Ceremony for the selected successful participants. ” – Vincent Hope Okoh – Wudil, Nigeria

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