Learner’s Submission: Online Public Service in Fiji


1.         The government of Fiji has introduced some of its service online to assist its citizen both locally and abroad to access some of its information and resources.


2.         The aim of this write up is to explain the online public services in Fiji which I made use of and how it works.


3.         The write up will be presented under the following sub-headings:

  1. Government to government e-communication;
  2. Government to the public e-communication; and
  3. Conclusion

Government to government

4.         In the government to government system, data and information were send over from ministries/departments to other ministries/departments but all financial matters are directed to the Ministry of Finance (MOF). My personal experience on using this service when I was working with the Ministry of Works Accounts Section.

5.         In the system we use, all electronic transactions were done through the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) with our department and the (MOF). It contains four (4) modules of Purchase Order (PO), Accounts Payable (AP), Fixed Assets and General Ledgers (GL).

6.         Each section’s Purchasing Officers preparing PO with invoicing, vouchering & batching before submitted to the Accounts section electronically. At AP the order will be verified with input in the FMIS before releasing of payment voucher for payments to MOF. Once the MOF verified that the purchase is within the allocated budget, approval will be given for printing and dispatching of cheques to AP.

7.         Daily schedule of journals through the GL is done which will enable the generating of reports when required.

Government to the public

8.         The government to the public consists of services in which members of the public gained access and obtained information needed from the government. It also enables the public to submit relevant application online.

9.         My personal experience in using the government to public services online were:

  1. Exams results;
  2. Scholarship Application; and
  3. Water complaints

Exam results

10.       This online service is provided by the Fiji government through the Ministry of Education where the public can access their children’s examination results.

11.       At present the only two examinations to test the academic achievement of secondary students in Fiji are the Fiji School Leaving Certificate (FLSC) and the Fiji Form Seventh Examination (FSFE).

12.       Once results are available online, the following information which was entered in the examination slip is to be entered on the exam results interface:

  1. Examination (either FSLC or FSFE);
  2. Index number;
  3. First name & Middle name;
  4. Surname;
  5. DOB (dd/mm/yyyy); and
  6. Parent Name

13.       If all information typed in is correct, it will give out the marks for each subject the student sat for.

Scholarship application

14.       The online scholarship is 5 easy steps to be followed prior to submission of the application.

15.       As a Fiji citizen the two important information to be initially entered are the birth registration number and the date of birth. After successfully and correctly entered the information the main application screen will appear for personal and academic details.

16.       The next screen then requires the details of scholarship and which of the scholarship providers applied for. The 3 Fiji scholarship providers are:

  1. Department of Indigenous Affairs (for ethnic Fijians);
  2. Multi Ethnic Affairs (for other races in Fiji); and
  3. Public Service Commission (open for all races)

17.       It also requires the institution (local or overseas), the program with majors, mode of study and other relevant information.

18.       At the completion, the application is then submitted with all supporting documents uploaded. An application identification number will be issued to assist in the tracking of the application.

Water complaints

19.       The online service is provided by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to assist customer’s complaints on service provided by WAF.

20.       After filling personal details and account number, category of complaints is chosen with a brief statement on the complaints.

21.       Complaint ticket number emailed to us as reference to the complaint lodged.


22.       From personal experience, e-government service provided by the Fiji government has been very effective and efficient. With the current ICT service in Fiji, the reaction time for any complaints or service needed has been greatly improved in comparison with the manual methods.” – Laisiasa Tagicakiverata – Suva, Fiji Island


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