Learner’s Submission: Indian Government in Social Media

“Whether it is Nirbhaya’s (Delhi gang-rape) case or Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption social media played a huge role in awakening the people. The social media has proven the power of reach, with millions of hits for Kolaveri Di or Hello Honey Bunny in Youtube.  As a coin has two sides, the social media also has both good and bad. Provoking youth against particular religion, region or a cause are one among those activities that pull the social media towards an evil side. No matter good or bad, many MNCs like Nike have recognized social media, as a good platform to promote or advertise their products. Now it is the time for Indian government, which has found most of the young India have accounts in social media and are active. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Indian state Gujarat and BJP’s Chairman of Central Election Campaign Committee, is the first-politician to be active in social media. He has an account in Twitter, a Facebook page and a Youtube channel, updating his daily speeches, campaigns, etc. The Central Government is also active in social media.

Indian government in different social media:

–          Twitter

–          Facebook

–          Youtube

–          Google+ Hangout

Ministry of Finance and Ministry of External Affairs of India are the most active users of social media, among different Ministries. P. Chidambaram, the Finance minister of India and Narendra Modi are once in a while active on Google+ Hangout, to interact with the public. Even some Government officials like Sam Pitroda, Planning commission deputy chairman, Montek Singh Ahulwalia are active in updating the government schemes and day-to-day happenings. Even though the number of netizens in India are less in percentage but the impact that is created in social media is huge. Indian Government has found this fact and thought that social media is the right place to interact with the public and publicize their schemes and campaigning for their respective parties. Let us wish that the social media brings a positive change, in better understanding the needs of public or the society.” – Avinash Inuganti – Tamil Nadu, India


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