Learner’s Submission: What Needs to be Done by Top Leadership to Align Human Resource Capacity Development(HRCD) with the Development Vision of India?

Development is unique to each nation and is approached by organizing resources around its strength. How  our top leadership manage and align our human resources capacity development with the development vision of India will define our future. It is in this context that knowledge based economy assumes significance. HRCD should tap into the innovative pulse of the nation and build networks and communication to ensure competence.

India , a developing nation still hovers around the factory driven stage of development .But India’s inefficient port and road infrastructure will not be able to handle the high volume rigours of such dramatic progress. Therefore the right approach would be to push for innovation driven growth as India shows vibrancy in the knowledge sector. We should exploit the large pool of skilled workforce by investing in Human capital and focus on innovation driven economy with knowledge based industries.

The National Knowledge Commission,2005 explains the different components of a knowledge system. An important ingredient that in component that integrates all the unconnected component is human resources.

(a)    Access to Knowledge- This can be facilitated through open access literature ,open software and by strengthening libraries and information software.

(b)   Knowledge concepts- This includes professional skills and independent capabilities.

(c)    Knowledge creation- This encompasses independent research capabilities and self sufficiency in knowledge.

(d)   Knowledge application- This involves maximum benefits from intellectual assets to enhance productivity.

(e)   Knowledge services- This involves coherent knowledge dissemination that makes government functioning more accountable.

Human Resource Capacity Development is required to create organizational capabilities in a knowledge economy. The combination of competencies required is called organizational capabilities. In this new environment , a human resource capacity development  has to step out of the traditional mantle and assume new and dynamic role of managing capabilities that people create and relationships that people must develop. More flexibility is required to facilitate adaptations and adjustments.

Knowledge Economy has spawned a global knowledge based organizational transforming the world into a single homogenous market. HRCD is the epicenter of such profound transformation. As it is drawn into greater prominence, it can create greater impact.

Information and Communication Technology can be important tool for empowerment. It can be used for the successful implementation of social welfare programmes, ensure better governance,eradicate poverty and illiteracy.This potential was envisaged by our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam when he proposed  PURA-Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas. – Vivek Kumar Singh – Bihar, India

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