Learner’s Submission: Online Services that I would Like to Have in India

“Online services that I would like to have:

Few lines about India and literacy:

Since independence though India has impressively progressed in terms of literacy Thanks to initiatives of Government of India. Yet India continues to face tough challenges. Despite growing investment in education, 25% of its population is still illiterate; only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7% graduate. As of 2011, there are 1522 degree-granting engineering colleges in India with an annual student intake of 582,000,plus 1,244 polytechnics with an annual intake of 265,000.India’s post-secondary institutions offer only enough seats for 7% of India’s college-age population. India’s government plans to increase the proportion of young people going to university from 12% at present to 30% by 2025

Government of India student Scholarships available:

National Merit-cum- Means Scholarship Scheme, National Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities, Post-matric scholarship for students belonging to Scheduled Castes for studies in India, Indian Oil Academic Scholarships, National Talent Search Scheme by NCERT, National Talent Exam, Incentives to Girls Students, Educational Scholarship to School Students .belonging to economically backward communities, Integrated Education for the Disabled Children ( IEDC)
And many more…

As already mentioned in the above paragraph Scholarship are many and its target beneficiaries are not fully aware of existence of such scholarships. At least 42% of students are ignorant of available scholarship to pursue their entire education. In fact government has ambitious plans in place for female literacy starting from primary schooling to graduation and beyond. Parents are also are not aware of existence scholarship. Schools have much information of available scholarship but dissemination of information is not equal among the students due to some of the inherent issues. Considering many issues mentioned it’s students who are the ones missing out the opportunities which gives rise to improper employment, livelihood. and other social problems facing the society.

To overcome ignorance of available scholarship information a government sponsored student focused ON-LIN E portal must be established with the sole objective of disseminating the educational scholarships –fellowship –internship and university course related information to students.
Objective of On-line portal must not only be a scholarship Information source but also students must be able to fill in the online scholarship application, authenticate, processing and finally be awarded the scholarship and money credited to his bank account. In addition to scholarship course, university admissions, fellowship and internship must also be available on this portal.

How can this be done? Online portal must be built to accommodate all the flavors of regular E-mail account generation process, social media, blog and all other regular features disseminating all available government scholarship. .

Any student right from school to university must be made mandatory. register at this online portal with all the information, student’s family financial status and also acute requirements to continue the education. This registration process is linked to the school records and awaits authentication from the school. Once authenticated system generates the E-mail login ID and password .which students uses this for rest of the academic years. Online Portal also generates a student bank account for crediting the financial proceeds of the scholarship.

Depending upon the student’s requirement requested during the registration process system generates a relevant mail and send the scholarship application to the student’s mail account and encourages the student to fill it up and submit. This application will again follows through the process of authentication, eligibility conditions, student’s academic performance and finally crediting the scholarship to his bank account.

In addition to the scholarships information and disbursement online portal also helps the student to find the proper school-university-course-tuition-online courses. University applications are made available and entire process of admission happens will happen online.

This student focused portal has its built in following advantages: student does not have to depend on chance to know the scholarship information, avoid all sorts of red-trapezium to lay hand on scholarship information and award and not depend on clerks, internship information is no more a privilege to few but available to all.” – M.S. Rajesh – Bangalore, India


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