Learner’s Submission: Human Resources Capacity Development

“Human Resources Capacity Development is a framework for the management and expansion of human capital within an agency or organization through the development of both the organization and the individual to achieve the goal and performance improvement. Human Resource Development is the combination of training, workshop, group work, organization, and career development efforts to improve individual, group and organizational work and performance effectiveness. Human Resource Development develops the key competencies that enable individuals in organizations to perform current and future jobs performance through a proper plan learning activities. Groups within organizations use Human Resource Development to initiate and manage for enhanced change.

Human resource capacity is about ensuring that an organization has enough people with the necessary skills to achieve its objectives. The Government developed programs and services to meet its objectives, and they are delivered through its public service.

Each department is responsible for determining the people it needs to carry out its responsibilities. The Department of Human Resources is responsible for staffing positions in all departments. Human Resources provide general training for the public service; each department is responsible for providing any position-specific training needed by its employees.

It’s human nature to want to plan the future because a plan provides a feeling of security, and most importantly, gives direction and focus to decisions and specific steps to take. So every country should have a proper development plan and a development vision to develop the country in a certain state.

In the course of rapid socio economic globalization and a vigorous changing world, Human Resource Capacity Development has become an essential need for the Governments performance and country developments. It is obvious that a well developed and motivated human resource is a fundamental factor for a country sustainable development. Human resource is the key resources that change other resources as well. Therefore it is untold important to give high consideration for this resource is unquestionable. However, it is important to developing and equipping these resources and allocating them for the right place and for the right purpose. To do so, establishing accurate and feasible National Human Resource Capacity Development the role of top leadership is very vital. Therefore, this paper is intended to describe what things to be done by top leadership to align Human Resource Capacity Development with the development vision of the country.

To develop the requisite human resources, top leaders must be clear on what human resources they need in terms of knowledge, skills, training, workshops, attitudes, networks and technological and so on. In other words, human resource development policies and strategies must be designed and approved under the clear supervision and consideration of top leaders of the country. Top leaders should have mutual understanding and good communication in between them. They should built rapport and trust for the human resource capacity Development with the development vision of the country. Top leaders must set out the clear mission and vision of the development goal of the country. So top leaders should be well concerned and connected regarding the development vision of the country. In the same time top leaders should be maintaining and taking necessary steps for the progresses of the development vision of the country by aligning the well maintain human resource capacity development strategy. Top leaders should be monitor and take necessary changes for the human resource capacity development.

Top leaders should sit together and may take brain storming activities to figure out the way to achieve the development vision of the country after a certain period of time each year. They need to bring changes and improvements in the human resource development strategy according to the achievement of the vision. Top leaders should have proper knowledge and understandable behavior and manners for the human resource capacity development as well.” – S.M.Muklesur Rahman – Dhaka, Bangladesh


3 Responses to Learner’s Submission: Human Resources Capacity Development

  1. Shumon says:

    This is a very nice article.I liked it very much.Good to learn.

  2. mukles says:

    Thanks a lot.

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