Learner’s Submission: e-Abhijoga (A Grievance Redressal Portal)

“Government aims at providing various services to its citizen that can improve their way of living with the help of implementing various schemes or by the way of performing its due diligence towards its citizens. However, at times there are situations when citizen needs a medium through which they can place their grievances in front of the concerned authority so that proper justice can be given to them.

Government of Odisha has taken an initiative in this regard by setting up a portal to address the grievance of citizens of Odisha. Through this portal citizens’ from any place can lodge their grievance.
How Grievance is registered
Any citizen intended to lodge a grievance needs to access URL: http://cmgcorissa.gov.in/. The home page provides the following options for the citizens.
• Lodge Grievance
• Lodge Reminder/Clarification
• View Action Status
By clicking on Lodge Grievance the citizen gets an online form. The online form has provisions to select the concerned department and district to which the grievance is related. Citizens need to fill up the required fields (Name, Gender, Address of correspondence, Complaint Category, Specific details about the grievance etc.) and submit the form to lodge their grievance. With the intent of receiving genuine grievance, citizen is also asked to upload his/her identity proof prior to submission of the online form for lodging its grievance. The portal allows citizen to register grievance pertaining to 39 departments, 30 districts and office of the honorable Chief Minister. After a grievance is registered online acknowledgement is generated and a unique registration number is assigned to the citizen against the registered grievance. Further, if required a citizen can also assign a password against the grievance that he/she intends to register which helps in making grievance more secure.
By clicking on Lodge Reminder/Clarification citizens are able to send reminder or seek clarification against the grievance registered by them. While doing so citizens are required to enter the registration number or password (if any) and submit the same.
Similarly, by clicking on View Action Status, citizens can view the status of the action taken by the concerned authority on the grievance registered by the citizen. While doing so citizens are required to enter the registration number or password (if any) and submit the same.
The portal also allows the citizen to change the password assigned by him/her against the grievance.
After a grievance is registered the same is assigned to the concerned Public Grievance officer. The public grievance officer needs to login to the portal with the help of user name and password and view the grievance registered to be dealt at his end. Based on the nature of the grievance necessary is initiated at his end and the status is updated in the portal.
It is indeed a great initiative whereby citizens need not to visit respective departments or near the respective authority to lodge a grievance. This not only reduces the time but also fixes responsibility on the authority to take necessary action at his end to redress the grievance.” – Aditya Prasad Mishra- Odisha, India.


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